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I like a drink at weekends, does anyone else?

Having been reading peoples diaries etc which i find useful, it has become apparent to me that hardly anyone seems to drink at weekends??? Is it just me are you all t Total??? If not do you save your syns for a drink at the weekend. Is this why im not losing weight? Do I have to become T Total???? Oh the thought :cry:
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I used to be the biggest party animal out there. THen i fell pregnant and obviously stopped drinking and going out. Then i had my daughter and fell into the awful routine of a glass of wine to "relax" at the end of the day. Cue why after 2 years i found myself at my heaviest weight of 14 stone 9lbs!

Now im pretty much off the drink unless its a special occasion. But thats not because slimming world doesnt allow it....its because drink HATES me.

I went out to the pub with some friends on sat night. Had 2 glasses of rose wine, and about 6 vodka and limes. Great night.

However...it made me put on 2lbs! Theres something wrong there.

I am off the drink now...it doesnt like me and its not worth it. However i see some girls still manages losses despite having a boozy weekend...i envy them :( :( xx
oh and i find that saving my syns for a blowout at the weekend really doesnt work for me. I always gain if i do that. But it works for others...we are all different! But if you arent losing...that could be the problem! xx
yeah sounds like this could be the problem, but seriously the thought of having no treat at the weekend really annoyes me. I normally compensate for a few drinks by hardly eating anything all day (i know thats naughty but its got to be done) anyway that doesnt work either. Lets face it im going to have to turn into a dull housewife that goes to bed at 8 on a saturday night through fear of treating herself! How depressing!!!!

Yeah i have a friend that loses like anything on SW and never counts a single syn when having a drink (which is quite a lot). All i can say to that is that she must of eaten some serious crap before she joined sw.
No that wont work..starving yourself all day is the complete opposite of SW and it wont make your body any less likely to absorb the booze calories!!! Your best shot is eat completely normally all week having around 5 syns a day (your allowed 10-15) then if you take the remaining 5 or 10 syns youve saved each day....then use that for your drink. It doesnt work for me but it might for you..just remember to EAT. And avoid the naughty takeaway once drunk...always my downfall! :) and try and change what you drink....dont drink wine. Its evil. Vodka and diet coke is good, as is vodka and soda xx

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