i little rant..


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i am currently on the RC diet, but im not doing to well and i have been lurking about here to see how everyone is doing and i have been quite interested in LL. So i e mailed the lady who runs it nearest me i have e mailed her now 3 times and she has not got back to me. I am also a student and e mailed LL and asked on the off chance if they do any sort of discount for students and i got a bit of an off hand e mail from them.. im a little miffed and im thinking i dont want to give them my custom now...
but i do cause i need to want to lose my weight!!:cry:
just a rant sorry x
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Hi sorry your feeling miffed, I know what its like when you want to get started on something and people dont get back to you....she may well be on holiday or something though so dont give up just yet......((hug))xx


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Thats a real shame, my LLC got back to me to come to an induction session but after that I as pestering her LOADS for a start date and sometimes she didn't get back to me. However I came to realise its quite normal having to wait 6 weeks for a start date.

Maybe you should get back in contact with LL head office again and just say you have tried contacting your local LLC 3 times with no reply and are intrested in getting started. Im sure they will hurry her up. I havent heard of LL giving any discounts for any reason. However I her they are bring out a new program that is 3 packs and meal it may be cheaper, however I dont think this would work for some people. I would go straight of track if I had to introduce a meal.

Anyway good luck hopefully you will hear from someone soon.


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It may be that she might not have a new group starting until after christmas. I believe our LLC is not starting any more groups till after Christmas. Simply because it rare that people will stick to abstinance through Christmas and New Year when they've only just started the programme. But even if this were the case, I'm sure she would still get back to you with an induction so that you'd be ready to start in the New Year (busy season!!)



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Hi sorry to hear you're having trouble getting in touch with them. My llc was brilliant, it's my first day today only got in touch last thursday and had my info session on saturday. She was really supportive and just wanted to help me get started asap!

Hope you have more luck soon!

Emma xXx


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Are there any other LLC's in your area - there were 3 near me that I could choose from.


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If cost is a problem, why not think about CD or Lipotrim, then you would be able to start straight away. Although it depends on whether you feel you need the counselling part of LL.