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I lost...



Back again - hey ho!
No way, that sounds fine!! I bet you'll get consistant losses all the way through, instead of one week good, one week bad.... Dont worry about it hunny, and the second week goes even faster believe me. My second weigh in is on monday, and I know I have only lost an extra 2lbs so far this week, so I'm not expecting as good a result as the first week. xxx
Hopefully - I really put a downer on myself last night - I think im mad when i think of it its nearly half a stone at the end of the day

And I really hope the 2nd week goes faster - this week was quite long! I kinda wish my weigh ins were on a Tues - having them on a thurs makes the week super long!


Back again - hey ho!
Thats right, what other diet have you ever lost half a stone in a week on??? I never have.
I was ill in hospital once and lost a stone in 2 weeks, but that was horribly awful,...on the scale of things.... Lipotrim is a ball! Chin up :) xxx
Well done Ally thats brilliant,. good for you. xx


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Well done Ally thats fab hun, i suppose its seeing others have losses that are huge that disappoints you but dont worry you will lose it either way! Well done again xxx
hey ally you lost the same amount as me.. I thought I had done something wrong too and was a bit disappointed.. but... when you put it in proper terms of butter Im so much happier :) Roll on week 2!!


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WELL DONE to the both of you for losing 6lbs - thats fab and as you have said nearly half a stone. Please dont compare yourself to anyone else, we are all different adn we all have dif amounts of weight to lose etc. Be proud of what YOU achieve each and every week. Well done againx
Hey lumpy - that mad that we lost the same amout - I feel so much better now!

How are you feeling this week? Today I feel grand - i have a tummy bug today which is a real nuiscance but I feel good today
Im not feeling too bad, tired because its the end of the working week and Ive loads of things to get done before 5:30 but generally I feel fine.

I was at coffee break there and two ladies just asked me if I had lost weight so Im thrilled that its noticeable and it was such a confidence booster!! :)
That really great that its noticable! My partner tells me every day! But I think he only tells me to spur me on! He always tells me I look great anyway

I must have lost 6 lb off my elbow because i look no different.:(

But there is time yet!!
awh isnt he great!!! Mine is off on holidays so he doesnt even know Im on this.. hopefully he will be pleasantly surprised!!

At least it wasnt a gain which would be totally devestating and its only week 1 so heres to other successful weeks!!


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dont forget that the more you have to lose, the more initial weight will come off..so if you weigh for example over 5stone overweight(like i did), its more likely yourll lose more in the first weigh in..nothing is for sure though and anyway, 6lb is a great weight loss...6lb you will never see again :)



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Yep guys I agree 6lbs is a great loss. You lose aprox a stone a month, so you are well on target to lose that....if not more!!! Stick with it next week and I bet you'll both be in double figures! Well done both of you.x


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Thats great,6lbs is brilliant,keep yourself focused and you will do very well x
thanks guys for all the encourgagement!!!
oh my god is it?:eek: wow thats even better!!:party0011:
Hey stop being so hard on yourselves......well done . You have made it through the first week ,I think that in its self is a big acheivement.