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Hi everyone,

Well i've gone from not thinking its working to thinking it might work to now knowing its working.

I'm on day 5, have had one day of headaches and have a persistent furry tongue but no hunger and am not missing food. :cool:

This morning was amazing, I didnt need any foundation as my skin is glowing from the water - unheard of for me as I usually have a pizza face. I also have shining hair that does what I want it to do (first time EVER) and best of all I am presently wearing a size 18 pair of linen trousers that i bought from monsoon sale months ago that NEVER fitted. :kissass:

I tried them on this morning - just to see- and was shocked that not only did they do up but they look great. :eek:

I tore the lables off them bad boys with so much excitement I almost tore them

Bring on the shakes!!!! :D:D:D
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That's fantastic!! It's great to hear that you're over the first really difficult stage. Looking better and trying on clothes that you couldn't get into before really boosts the morale and keeps us all going!

Keep it up - you know it works - you've just got to keep working at it.

Best of luck to you
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That sounds great! I bet you must be feeling great in your new clothes. Just wait till you start getting weighed each week and see it dropping off!

Your past the hardest stage, now its time to reap the benifits!
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Thanks so much.
I've a long way to go yet but, like you, it's been great trying on clothes that never used to fit - and buying new ones! Doing LT is hard - I don't think I'm wrong in saying that - but the rewards make it all worth while. There are people on here who have lost over 100lbs and I love to read their stories and see how great they feel now.
There is so much support on this forum - you will never go short of friendly advice and well intentioned ass-whoopings (if need be).

I look forward to hearing how you are doing as the weeks go by.


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LOL!!!!! shredded trousers are no good, CALM DOWN!!!!, but great allow yourself to be even more amazed!!!
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LMAO! OH I lurve that feeling -you should get out and about and show yourself off now! ;)


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That is brilliant and to see and feel the difference is all you need to get even more motivated. Well done!


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Woohoo Weenie that is the best feeling in the world - finding something that makes you feel good about yourself.

I also heart LT with all my heart and wish t'God I had found it sooner!

It's great that your skin is glowing especially as you had trouble with it before, that's a great added bonus. Haha at your excitement and wanting to rip the label of the trousers! You're only on day 5 but already you're fitting into clothes that didn't fit before! Think what you'll be able to wear in a few weeks!
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Excellent! It's so good hearing that people are doing well! Glad you're feeling good hun

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well done fair play to u, i went on this before for 7 weeks, lost 28lbs, and then went on a crazy girls holiday and didnt do the refeeding process and gained it all back, but im going to go back on it in a few weeks, once i prepare myself. only thing is i can only use the shakes because the soups and flapjacks make me physically ill..


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Good for you .... get a ticker up so we can see your progress lol :D
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wow - great that you are noticing changes in just 5 days - just think what 5 weeks will do! lol :)


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Hi Weenie,
glad things are going well for you, best of luck for the weigh in and have a great week.


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If you will this good after 5 days, you will feel a million times on top of the world after your first and subsequent weigh ins. Glad your over the worst, things will only get better now. Good luck for the rest of your journey, keep thinking of the good feeling whenever your struggling

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