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I love slimming world because.................

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I love slimming world because it makes me think before I eat and also use my imagination when cooking and come up with some lovely different meals instead of the usual meals


Is so doing it this time
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I love slimming world because.......

...there is always something free you can eat even when you are eating out of boredom or for comfort. Like a lovely crunchy jacket potato with baked beans and cheese melted on top! x


Just doing it this time
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super-dooper eh. no contest.

I love it because I don't ever have to feel hungry


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I love it because I know that even if I have a bad week, I've got good habits for life which will help me limit any damage and get straight back on track - frylight instead of oil and sweetener instead of sugar are now default, and a 'quick meal' is no longer something shoved in the microwave, it's pasta and a quick tomato sauce.
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I love Slimming World because it teaches healthier eating and cooking habits rather than limiting the amount of food you can eat! I also love it because the rules can be applied to any meal or occasion without too much stress!!

Really intrigued by the syn free ice cream?! Please share!!!
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Mmmmm, Sounds so wrong, yet it's so good :D
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I love it because nothing is banned and it's not portion controlled!
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I love SW because it encourages you to eat healthily rather than "dieting", and there's hardly any weighing and measuring which makes it soooo much easier, even if eating out or you're in a hurry.

As there's nothing to run out of (eg calories points etc), so there's always something you can eat if you are hungry.
I love Slimming world because I found Minimins! :D i was looking for the SW forums section so googled it and found this! nearly one year later and me and minimins are still very much in love! lol
syn free ice cream?? - please share!!

I just use my icecream maker & a tub of vanillia yog (i use onken fat free) & off you go. If you don't have an icecream maker you can just freeze a yog but you may get ice crystals if you don't keep stiring ever now & then. I often free those lasting satifaction yogs as they don't tend to get crystals

S: 16st13lb C: 14st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 2st10lb(16.03%)
I love SW because I'm eating "normal" foods in "normal" ways - it's not a diet - and I can carry on like this forever.

I also love SW because of the friends I've made (and will make in the future) doing it - including (hopefully) you guys.


Desperate to be slim!
I love slimming world because today I had fruit for breakfast, a massive lunch of instant mash, peas, onion and bacon mixed with an egg and fried in frylight, homemade soup with cheese on top at 4.30 and a roast dinner with leeks, peas, roast pots, parsnips and carrot and gravy all for 1 syn!!!
Then I realised 10 mins ago I hadn't even had my HEXB today so stewed 198g of apple and ate that with yoghurt. Yummy!!!
I have gone from eating a family sized bar of galaxy a night to having had chocolate on only one day out of the last 4. AMAZING!!!
S: 14st13lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1st13lb(12.92%)
I love Slimming world because I found Minimins! :D i was looking for the SW forums section so googled it and found this! nearly one year later and me and minimins are still very much in love! lol
Same here - this is an amazing forum. Wanted to find something to make with lentils today, looked up the SW recipes and hey presto delicious lunch! The support on here is fantastic - I love you all!!! (not a drop, honest)
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I love that i rarely feel like I am on a "diet"!

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