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I made it to week 2

Well folks i weighed in yesterday and lost 3lb. My clothes are feeling loser. However i must admit that i am finding this diet really really hard. At the moment i am struggling to get my shakes down. The thought of them are turning my stomach. Its my youngest daughters birthday tomorrow and god knows how i am going to get through it.
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Well done on losing 3lb thats fab. I know its hard hun but just think...if you cheat tomorrow it will be even harder. Try to be strong. Are you having a party for her?


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3lbs is fantastic! You are averaging 6lbs a week.....wow! Well done! Keep thinking of that at your daughters party. Keep reminding yourself of why you are doing it.

You are on target to lose 1 stone in 3 weeks! If you were doing ww it would take you 7-14 weeks to lose that!!!! Not 3! So you won't be on this diet very long if you stick to it. Hang in there hun! One day at a time.
Yes but its not at home so it should be a bit easier. Are you finding it difficult.
Ah thanks sara i hear what your saying. i need to focus and think of summer and all the nice things i WILL be wearing.


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Yes but its not at home so it should be a bit easier. Are you finding it difficult.
Its only day 4 for me, but I think I hit ketosis today. I did the diet for 16 weeks last year and lost 4 stone but had to come off due to health issues.This is phase 2 for me and it was harder 2nd time around.Looking to lose another 3 st this time but will re-feed for my holiday on the 2nd April.(going on the 2nd):D
Wow thats amazing and well done you for getting back on the wagon. Going anywhere nice on holiday?


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We're off to Egypt for a week. Really needed a break. Luckly the food isn't up to much out there.lol. Going to stick to maintenace while I'm there if I can. I plan to take some shakes with me. Should be fun. :)


Here we go again!
Keep going, you've done 2 weeks now and that's fab! Stay focused during your daughter's party and you will be fine. Happy birthday to her by the way.


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done chick!!

I had a stage of this... It will get better!!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Well done hunni and Happy Birthday to your daughter xxx
Thanks guys for all the support. Ive just come from the bakery after collecting my wee girl's cake. If i can survive entering a bakery i can do anything.:)


I love my purdy shoes
Awww cake mmmmm