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i may be selfish - but this wrong!!!

can't belive it - i spend months doing my website and someone come along and copied everything - right down to the name of everything - god i would not mine if she asked or even change the names of things or the way it was wrote to make it her site!!!

i hope she says sorry! - i know most things can be the same and things are same points but she has copied everything - right down to everything!!!

i mean i spend ages on that - i am mad!

i understand that she trying to help people too and thats what i am doing but she even copied my quote that me and my friend spared years ago!! '

what you think -
am i being selfish or not?
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Not at all Ann! Ok so as you say the points etc are available in several places but it takes AGES to type them up. Ive seen several websites which are similar to yours but each are different and have their own identity, its one thing asking to use the points things youve typed up but to copy even quotes youve done, thats just rude!

Have you contacted her?
well i left a comment on her page - but i don't want anyone to think i was being nasty to much!

i did say please take a sign away and the way - even down to how i said hi she copied that!

i think i may of tooken this to heart abit to much!

like i have said i have copied some on website from others but if you look at what i done - i all so made it mine by putting ideas bbq ideas and low fat cakes things like that which most people have not got!

i am sorry i feel like a cow for moaning! - but i hope she takes that away soon!

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor

Try to turn it around & think positively - she obviously thought your site was fantastic to copy it...that is a great pat on the back for you.

Just think if someone stumbles upon her site & not yours you have actually helped that person too.

Positive thoughts.....

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