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I Messed Up :(

Hi everyone,
I joined this site because I've often used it to quickly find syns for things, and it seems really good.
I really need to rant at the moment, so excuse me while I let it all out.

So far Ive lost 29.5 pounds on SW but ever since Christmas I've been very up and down and just cannot make it to my next half a stone despite being only 1.5 pounds away from it. I've been like this for months now, getting so close and then messing up and putting weight on! It's extremely frustrating that i keep on ruining this for myself.
Last week i managed to lose 2 pounds and i was ecstatic, but again this week I've messed up. Lost all control last night and must have had somehwere between 60 and 80 syns. That's about my whole week's worth, and with only 3 days until my weigh in there's no way i can make it up. :mad:
I really think I'm gonna scream if yet again I've ruined my hard work!:break_diet:
Feeling awful!
Any advice? :wave_cry:
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Hi hun,

Sorry things have really slowed down for you. Sometimes, when we have been following a plan for a while, we can become a bit complacent...stop weighing things, guessing syn values etc, and this can lead to a bit of a plateau.

Have you thought about setting up a food diary and allowing other experienced members to comment on it? Judging by the number of diaries on here, it seems to work for a lot of people.

Keep positive sweetie, good luck xx


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Draw a line under it.

Lots of speed and super speed with a ton of superfree and water, gallons of the stuff!

You could also try a few days of success express.

You will get there! I know it.

It takes time and is utterly frustrating, I know, it took me since Oct to lose the last stone to hit target AND I was 100% every day except Xmas day. But it does come off, you just gotta stick with it.
29.5 lbs is a massive achievement hun!!!! You should keep that in mind and focus on it when you draw a line under your slips this week. I doubt whether it was easy losing over 2 stone so you know you can stick to plan when you put your mind to it.

I'd try to concentrate on eating as much superfree food as you can and also incorporate superspeed as well - lots of veggie based meals with melon, strawberries & raspberries for deserts. Drink lots of water - aim for at least half a glass every time you walk into the kitchen and you can easily down 2 ltrs a day.

Stay positive cos its the only way you can get back on track and that is where you want to be. You can do it babe!


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Course you can do it...you've done amazingly well so far! Have you tried mixing things up a bit? Trying a different plan or changing your HEx's, trying new recipes or a food you've not tried for a long time? Sometimes mixing things up a bit can give you a jolt and help you out of the plateau.

You don't say how much you've got left to lose...if you're close to target it will take longer to get the weight off...and if you're not close then defo try mixing things up...the superspeed and water advice is good too.

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