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I miss cheeseburger pie

I am seriously considering it. Only problem is that I have a freezer and cupboard full of ww products which Ill have to use up first and then I think I may very possibly be back. Its purely the convenience of Atkins - no counting or worrying how much of anything you have to eat. And lets face it the food is delicious.
it certainly is hon.cant you donate the ww food to someone else for a small fee at class? and get started asap?
I dont go to a class unfortunately. It should only be a couple of weeks and then I will get another load of shopping sorted out with Atkins friendly stuff. Cant wait to eat bacon and eggs again, lol.
Thanks Linz. The more I think about it the more I think its a good idea so I will be back very soon. Off to eat some ww soup and then Ill be living on ready meals for the next couple of weeks - Ill get rid of this stuff if it kills me!
Lol very true but just think how ready Ill be to move back to real food. Its probably just as well Im not starting yet coz I have a couple of nights out at the end of the month. At least ketosis wont be an issue for me at that point.
Hi Jo, how are you love, it'd be nice to see you posting again. :)


Clean green leafy machine
Good luck Jo and look forward to seeing you soon


Clean green leafy machine
Jo you are an inspiration to me!

Just compared our stats, we're the same height and have the same goal weight - you're just 100lbs ahead of me :)


Clean green leafy machine
Morning Jo :)
Hi Jim and Susie. Im good today. Weight loss isnt going too well mind you but thats coz Im actually eating food again after vlcding. Im pretty much expecting a sts over the next week or so but have been looking into a new thing called liposcult which apparently breaks up fat cells and helps tone up. Sounds very interesting and Im seriously considering giving it a go. Its not the cheapest but its certainly a lot cheaper than a tummy tuck.

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