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I miss my CDC:(


Slimming down the aisle
You can use us all as your CDC! We'll do our best to motivate you and keep you on track!!
Come to us everytime you want a nibble instead! Just think how impressed she will be when she gets back and sees how much youve lost without her help!


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I know how you feel my cdc is also away until 25th too and for some reason my brain thinks its okay to cheat as won't have a weekly wi until then, :devilangel: no matter how hard I try a little voice in my head keeps saying its okay you don't get weighed this week :copon:but I know its not okay, but can't stop:sigh:

We need to support each other until our cdcs return
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yesterday I restarted on ss+ and did ok. Day 2 of restart on ss+ just about to have a shake then its off to the gym,


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I'm just about to have my shake then get ready to go do a reiki healing session on someone. At least that will keep my hands busy!!! lol have a good day hon xx


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I felt the same way my CDC was on holiday for 3 and a bit weeks and I was on holiday for 1 week and I ate. I think I cheated myself as I gained 5lb :sigh: and set myself back at least a month and a half.

I can understand how you feel as I am fine when I know I have to see her she keeps me on task plus I get the odd text asking how things are going.

When she goes away again I am going to try and stay on here and post my own weigh in so I have the forum to check up on me :D


Laugh, love, live!
Hi Trisha, Yep I'm doing good so far, been 100% truly focused. How did your trip to the gym go? (you brave girl, I hate exercise lol) I'm feeling wonderfully relaxed after giving a client Reiki Healing, so it's all good here in the Wabbitt household :)


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trip to gym was good burned 640 cals on treadmill climber thing then went and swam 20 lenghts. I hate exercise too and the gym isn't really me, but I needed to do something. I really joined for the pool, I work in a school do didn't want to use local pools as big danger of seeing kids from school. The gym I go to isn't anywhere near the school, so no danger of banging into any of the kids from school


Laugh, love, live!
Hi Trisha, yeah it's going ok. Had a day from hell today at work, and under those circumstances I would normally turn to food, like choclate bars and crisps but have stayed 100% today so really proud of myself. Yeah just one week to go till I hit those scales so hoping it will be a good loss. How are you doing today hon?

Are you hanging in there ? Do you know someone else who is a client of youe CDC.You can give each other support until your cdc gets back.
Stick with it , you seem to be doing really well.



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hi wabbitt doing okay, but I'm really cold, and got a banging headache, also had a bad day at work and would normally have turned to choc as well but resisted.


Laugh, love, live!
Hey Trisha

Morning hon and well done for resisting the chocolate yesterday too. I'm well focused for another 100% today so lets see how we both do. Have a good one honey and all the rest of you girlies out there xxx

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