fast approaching 40 - eek time to do something about my butt!

So I'm fast approaching 40 and for the first time in my life I'm overweight. It seems to of happened so quickly. I wish I could say I've really enjoyed myself by eating all the bad things you shouldn't but I haven't. That being said I didn't really watch what I ate or drank to be honest! Lets face it who doesn't reach for the carbs on a Saturday night, quickly chased down by a Gin and Tonic or 5! or a bottle of red....or 2!

My weight gain happened over 3 months, I gained 1st and 13lb, I've maintained that weight by doing slimming world and eating healthy, bar the odd few pounds lost and then gained again I felt it was time to do something drastic.

I am in the pre menopausal part of life(bloody just my luck to hit it in my "I'm 40 this year I'm going to party and holiday as much as I can" time of life) and my metabolism has slowed down so much. I am hoping that the Cambridge diet will help me gain back some control.

So today I am on day 2, I've got to say its not been too hard, but I did have the mac and cheese for dinner last night and that has got to be the most disgusting thing I have put in my mouth EVER!

I'm getting through water like a drought is due any day but I am getting strange looks in the office getting up and down for the loo every 5 minutes! I'm sure I am getting the blame every time there is a strange smell.

I'm hoping this thread will give me some support over the coming weeks, I haven't got a great deal to lose but I know I am going to hit a brick wall or 2 along the way and its going to take all my strength not to reach for wine or crisps.

So here are my measurements:

5ft 4
11st 13lb (ouch!)
Age 39

Good luck fellow dieter, I look forward to reading about your losses
I have also just started CWP on Wednesday so we must have started at the same time
It will be good to have a support cheerleader..I'm here if you need me

My measurements
5ft 1
My goal 8.3
Age 34
Hi Ministar,

How you getting on with your first Saturday. Don't know about where you are but the sun is shining here and all I want to do is have a G&T in a beer garden

I made my vanilla shake into a frappe this morning it was lovely, guess I will have to settle with that!

Saturday night in our house is normally treat night, nice bottle of red and carb city!
I'm not gonna lie I am a little hungry today, think it's because I'm not at work. Going to take myself out shopping to take my mind off it. I've told the Hubby that they only think that will keep me motivated is retail therapy

Have a lovely weekend
Hi Abi,

Yes the day is going ok..I agree with you the sunny weather doesn't help staying on track..I've out for a lovely walk and sun soaking with husband..and watched him drinking beer and eating all sort :( but I've been good and only sipped soda water! So little pat on my back! Stay strong tonight Abi, just think of the treats you can reward yourself when you reach your goal! Or even a mini goal..let's say -1stone?
So I made it through the weekend, a trip to the pub, Yo sushi and Pizza take away!! More temptations than a normal weekend!
Today has been my toughest day, Our little doggie is very sick so I am living off a couple of hours sleep a night. I was so tired and hungry this lunchtime I nearly cracked. However as my Husband is on strict instructions to rugby tackle me if a go near anything not on the Cambridge plan I though better of is as I didn't want the Kids witnessing a physical fight between their parent :):D

I don't know about any one else but when I am sleeping I am having really weird and vivid dream (mainly about food).

The realisation of this diet has really kicked in today and I find myself having a whole new level respect for those who have followed it and come out the other end. It has made me realise how much food is a big part of our family life, not just the eating of it but the preparation. I've missed getting in the kitchen with my daughter or advising the hubby (who is a good cook but lacks confidence) on how to improve. More than anything I am missing cooking for my hungry clan! I decided when I started this that I would stay out of the kitchen for the first 4 weeks but it's proving harder that I thought.

I guess the trick is to find a happy balance.

Well its weigh in day for me tomorrow (day 6) as its the only free time my consultant has this week. I will log my results after. I hope its been worth it!
I've realised I don't know your name yet! I'll call you WAG, as sounds very glam!
I know, I feel your pain my weekend was good, but had a though Monday..returning to work was difficult as I usually blend my shakes in the nutri bullet, but I don't have a blender at work so could do it, and didn't like the consistency of the shakes in the actual shaker..maybe I'm not good at it but we're very clumps full!

My weigh in is tomorrow and kind of feeling bittersweet about it, I'm excited to see if I have lost anything but also terrified that all this could have been for nothing!!
Finger crossed for you though! Keep me updated!
My names Kelly :)
So its been a difficult few days as we lost our poor doggie a couple of hours after my last post. It was difficult to stick to plan and drink water that night but I managed it.

Yesterday was day 6 and weigh in day.....I lost 5lb which I am pleased about but compared to a lot of people I think my loss is a little disappointing as most people seem to lose a lot more. However I've had a little word with myself to not compare with other people that I am on my own journey and not following theirs ! - god that sentence was a bit deep, must be my age :)!

With regards to your issue of mixing your shakes, you know you can swap your meals around so maybe try having one of your evening meals like Spag bol at work as its easier. I know what you mean about not being blended enough though without a processor, my hubby made me one with just a whisk(too much hassle to take the blender out the dishwasher) and it was like drinking baby powder! Lesson learned, make my own in the future.

Day 7 for me and I am finding the water thing difficult today. Also although I am not hungry in my stomatch I feel hungry in my mouth(does that make sense) which is strange.

We have friends over for Easter lunch on Sunday and I have just bottled it this lunch time and booked us in somewhere as I think I wont be able to cook a 4 course meal for them and not eat it myself . I think it will be less torture to sit and sip sparkling water :)

good luck with weigh in - I hope it goes well
Hi Kelly,

Well done for being so dedicated! I'm really proud of you, especially seen the circumstances! You must have been devastated you poor thing, I love animals and I can't begin to understand your pain of losing your loved pet.
Also well done for your (weight) loss, sorry this sounded better in my head 5lb is a great loss, you need to understsnc that something emotional stress can play with our bodies as well, so maybe next week it will show even a better loss on the scale ;)
I had my weigh in today and was -6lbs for me, which again I know it's not a major loss but we are only human and we need to be proud of what we have achieved!!

On another day I would have celebrated this with a glass of prosecco, but I'm afraid is going to be sparkling water for me tonight!!! Big kiss
Great new 6lb off is great! I'm on the fizzy water. I've treated myself to a few bottles of Voss water, in a gin bubble glass with ice and lemon it surprising feels naughty.

Here's to a good 2nd week - cheers:thankyouthankyou:
Yes!!! We can do it pal!! ( I am a newfound lover of fizzy water..surprising to me too)
We'll be wearing a bikini in no time

Hi Kelly and happy Friday,

Today was a good day, even if I say so myself..husband surprised me with a weekend getaway (tomorrow) to Newcastle..he thinks we'll go partying and clubbing, and kebabbing at 3am..obviously I need to remind him that I won't be drinking or partying but at least will be fun to go away..( we both work in the airline industry so don't see each other often)

For my lunch today I had a butterscotch shake..surprisingly good, reminds me of a Starbucks vanilla and caramel frappuccino ! Have you ever tried it?

How is your day going? Which one is your fav product?
Sending motivational kisses your way
Oh what a nice surprise, fab shopping in Newcastle.

I went out with friends last night and just sipped water. The biggest thing was I didn't feel like I wanted to drink, I though I might feel like I was missing out but I didn't

I like the vanilla one, I am coffee and Ice to it and make a frappe.

I also like the mint chocolate one too.

Hope you stay strong this weekend x
Hi Kelly
Sorry for my late reply I've just come back from my weekend away..surprisingly I've been very good and avoided temptations..but I did however cave in and had 2gin and slimline tonic, luckily this didn't knock me out of ketosis so phewww!!
From now on it's definitely eye on the ball..You were right about the shopping, I did go slightly crazy and bought few things, I still don't want to buy loads as I'm hoping to shed to size 8 ( Wishful thinking-pre summer body)
Ps I always make my shake with ice into a frappe..I think it's the best way!
Hope you have s lovely Easter!! No eggs for me this year
Hi, glad you had a good time - wish I'd of had a gin or 2 :). We ended up staying home today as we have a new puppy. Cooked a 3 course lunch and didn't break.

Finding the diet ok still but boy is it boring! Honestly I feel like since I started this the world has gone food mad, its bloody everywhere! Every TV advert seems to be food. Facebook seems to of changed to foodbook with everyone posting pic of lunch, chocolate, wine ect! Seriously I hope they all get food poisoning :D

So 2 days until weigh in and I am hoping for a similar loss although i feel very bloated today!

Good luck with your weigh in
Hi Kelly!!
Awww a new puppy, that's a great news!! I'm so jealous right now!!

I've just come back from a very long walk and now feeling really fresh, it's crazy how this all plan changes your attitude towards healthy I guess!
It's true that everywhere I look there's's like s torture, especially now with all the chocolate at half price
My weigh in this week will be Thursday as my consultant wasn't available on Wednesday..I'm really hoping to get a loss, at this point anything would be good as long as it's off (forever)
I'm sure you'll be grand, you have been really good, so give yourself a pat on the back and don't look back!!
Have a great day!!

Bad day for me - absolutely gutted, my scales are saying - 2lb, this diet is such hard work I was hoping for more. I'm a bit sick of reading posts were people are losing so much in the first 2 weeks grrrrr! lets hope next week is better!
Morning Kelly,
-2lbs is still better than nothing honey!! Your good effort It will eventually show up on the scales!
You said you were feeling a bit bloated, maybe this is TMI but are you regular? I'm having a bit of troubles so I'm taking dulcolax sometimes to help.

Yeah you are right, I'm hoping it's going to catch up next week. Nothing I could do any better so I will just keep plodding on. My children have travelled back to school today (they board) so bordom may kick in.

Are you getting a funny taste in your mouth? I'm literally brushing by teeth all the time, I must have the cleanest teeth in the world.

Have you tried the bars? Think I might get them next week instead of the soup.

Anyway here's to week 3, awful breath and fizzy water!

Good luck with weight in tomorrow x
Ahah you do make me chuckle..yes I have very funny breath, and I feel always thirsty do you get that? I must get through so many bottles of water it's getting out of control!

I've taken a bar last week crispy mint but havent had it yet as I haven't felt i was missing chocolate too much, so I'll save it for my time of the month..which should be very soon!
In fact I've started feeling a bit bloated, not so good so close to weigh in day ( which I have moved to Friday this week, as was the only day my guru ( this is what my hubby calls the consultant) could see me!
Well at least I have 2 more days I guess!