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I miss you MiniMins!!


Nojo on the YoYo
I have been away for ages and it feels really strange that there's lots of new people and I've missed all the goss!

I'm back on plan and half a stone down... :flirt2: and still can't find a store near me that stocks Nimble White!!! :sigh:

How's everyone else doing? HIIII ALLLLLL PEOPLESSSS!!!!!!!!

V xxx
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Vixxxxxxxxx!!! We have missed you heaps. Half a stone down, that's great going. Well done!
Are you back for good *sings Take That*

There are lots of new people yes...but they're all lovely and I'm sure you'll get to know them soon :)

Everyone....Meet Vixx. Creator of her very own HE-B, author of some fab posts and and blogger extraordinaire!
hello :)
havnt chatted to either of you before..so just wanted to say hello...

sorry to hear the trouble you had helle :sigh: must have been dreadful x ( wondering if ive got my thread mixed a little lol)

well done vixx...i take it you swapped heb brown bread for nimble white? :)

and boo..ellebear :D hows you?


Nojo on the YoYo
Well, I keep TRYING to eat Nimble White each week, but keep getting thwarted. The only place I can get it is still Asda Huyton village, which is a trek away for a non-driver such as myself.

I wrote to Tesco this week and they said they had it in the one near me. They LIED!!!!!! >:eek:

Hellie, I saw your new haircut on twitter, WANT!!!!!
Arh thanks mate! I love the hair, but man alive, does it take some work to maintain. As a fringed sister, I am sure you'll understand!

I am lusting after hair like Anna Richardson and other such bobbed, fringed lovelies. Not quite there yet!

The Nimblequest continues eh? Bah!


Never gets tired of SW!
Hey Vixx, welcome back!! Sorry to hear you're still struggling with Nimblegate!! How is Lady Dorothy of Perkinshire treating you these days? I love that name-haha!!X
Goo dto have you back Vix, I have been lurking more than posting for a while. I was all excited when I found white nimble only to be disappointed when I went back to buy it the next week and the shelves were empty (and have been since!)
Hello lovely! Welcome back xxx
Hello! I'm a n00b and I'm lovely...

WHAT?! Don't look at me like that, I am!


Always comes back to MMs!
Hello from another newb... nice to meet you and well done on your loss so far :)

But more importantly.... NIMBLE WHITE???? WANT!!!

MB xx


Pesky pescetarian from Australia!
Welcome back Vix, I wondered where you'd gone to.

From a fellow (almost) scouser!
Welcome back!!! You were missed! xx

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