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I must be increasing my brain power...

Its after all those weeks (or months!) of SSing! Apparently your brain goes into emergency mode & deals with making organs work so when you start eating again it chills out a bit...or so my gym woman tells me!


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Oily fish increasing brain power has been known down the centuries and you find it in folk lore Like in the legend of Finn Mac Cool...

The young Fionn met the leprechaun-like druid and poet Finn Eces, or Finnegas, near the river Boyne and studied under him. Finneces had spent seven years trying to catch the salmon of knowledge, which lived in a pool on the Boyne: whoever ate the salmon would gain all the knowledge in the world. Eventually he caught it, and told the boy to cook it for him. While cooking it Fionn burned his thumb, and instinctively put his thumb in his mouth, swallowing a piece of the salmon's skin. This imbued him with the salmon's wisdom. He then knew how to gain revenge against Goll, and in subsequent stories was able to call on the knowledge of the salmon by sucking his thumb
Fionn mac Cumhaill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also good for depression, well so I have read.:)


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Hi Anna,

Sorry to hear your feeling down:hug99:

I love the layout of your new blog and your photos.

Your photo of your daughter learning how to write is awesome, so simple but yet conveys so much.

I think you have a natural talent there for photography.

Love Mini xxx
Aww yorkie rock bottom is a crap place to be. Been there & didnt like it one bit....one good thing about being there is the only way is up! Do you want meto have a look in my diet dr foodie book for some yummy mood lifters? Happy to if it wil help, just let me know!


is happy being Yorkiegirl
I am off to the gym tomorrow which always lifts my mood.
I don't want to get back into using food to lift my mood as that was why I ended up in one huge mess!
I have had some manic moments lately, am hoping it is temporary!
The photography I love, mini, and would love to get into it more. I am loving using my DSLR camera, and fortunately my girls are happy to pose, most of the time anyway!

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