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I nearly caved today....


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Since getting up this morning the whole CD thing has been a massive struggle! I'm due totm on thursday so I'm hoping that's why.
I've had lots of arguments today with myself about why I should just "treat" myself & why not to.
Well, I made an amazing tea for df & ds1. I grilled the cheese layer on top of the mash until it went crispy.
Anyway, I couldn't resist & peeled some of it off and ate it :eek:.....

Naughty naughty I know, but considering how much I wanted to cave, I've done good!
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hun when my totm was coming aswell i felt like eating all the time, so i think its normal how your feeling. at least you didnt eat much well done hun next time come on here :) and we will help xxx
I'm on day 4 and have had bouts of feeling hungry. After seeing all the food in my freezer I really wanted something to eat buttered toast was hot on my list :( it's not easy is it


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hi zobo... well ive been thinkin and im just the same as u .... struggling.... im on day 18 (i think) and i cant say any of its a breeze!! id be a bloody liar if i did!!! im defo in ketosis im drinkin right amount (although had a poor day 2day) i do the things people advise bath.. pamper.. take mind off it .. BUT IM STARVING!!!!!! no its not in my mind and please dont any1 say drink anymore water cos thats just not doing it 4 me .:mad: oh ive got indigestion and heartburn which i pretty sure is cos im hungry.. so zobo hun.. your cheese sounds divine lol moan ova ...sorry:sigh: ...so hun your not alone i know exactely how u feel xx


I lurve lurve lurve bars
What is it about toast?That blinkin pass it on cheese on toast advert drives me crazy,and its not as if I used to eat that all the time if I did my food bill would have only been about a tenner a week instead of the hundred it used to be!!


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Its not easy at all, I had to do a food shop for hubby and daughter today and everything looked soooooo good ;)


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tracy i always say that ... then the devil fatty food calls me ...so im here stuck with this mad ... i dont care wat any1 says about ketosis im still bloody starving diet!!! lol :eek:...xx


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HI Well done for not caving - i have had really bad cravings during TOTM...Keep going


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tracy hun wen its comes 2 u PLEASE send it 2 me ... god im a moaner 2 day lol i cant help it sorry every1 xx
you poor girls! I've got one day left of food and then I'm too going to be hungry. I'm jealous that you lot are well on the way to weight loss though! It is so crazy that food is so much more appealing when you can't have it. I've been trying to convince myself that I won't be hungry but I know I will be. They have these lovely chocolate mice in the tuckshop at work that will be my downfall. NOOO they won't, be strong (eek there's my guardian angel interrupting!). Stay strong girlies and food's not that tasty anyway. Honest.

PS as for being able to do it by healthy eating - we must have all tried it and it is soooo hard. Especially WW cause you can have whatever you want but I just spend my points on chocolate which is never a nutritionally good choice - at least with CD you do get proper vitamins I guess.

Eeek, turned into a bit of a rant! Soz! :)


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i just wanna say if any newbies are reading this or any1 considering doin cd dont be put off... because regardless of the way i feel and my moaning i still think cd is the way 4ward ...well 4 me at least and 4 people who struggle with diets.the weight loss and the speed it comes off is truely amazin and thats the only thing that keeps me goin xx:)
Zobo, it could be that chinese meal you enjoyed last week has come back to haunt you with massive cravings. That happened to me early on, had 1 micky d's double cheeseburger and had massive cravings and struggled almost to tears the whole week. My cravings are only head cravings now that I am 100% and pass fairly quickly. Hope it passes for you soon.


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Thanks for all the replies. I'm feeling much more positive today. Just can't wait for this week to be over with really to get totm out of the way!
I started 810 monday, so shouldn't really feel like this as I can eat. It's just not all the yummy stuff I want. lol


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I;m glad you didn't cave :) I do understand it can be quite hard when it all smells sooo good etc! Go you :)

Good luck / have fun on 810!! :)

xx Lostris
Just got my "fat Photo" out arghhhhhhhh ;0( that did it for me........roll on day 4/5 when I get into EUPHORIA and run myself ragged ;0). Keep going everyone, remember when you are eating the things that put all this weight on after a bit you know it wasn't worth the cals. Just keep coming on here.

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