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I need a buddy !

Im starting Monday, although I still havent got my head around it and thought of a shopping list etc etc!


Can't wait to have 1 chin
Yippee !

Are you going to go to meetings or do it at home ?
I have signed up online, which are you doing?


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Hi little romany i do ww i go to class are you going to class or going it alone i have not the willpower to do it myself and what day will you be weighing in x


Can't wait to have 1 chin
I'm going to weigh in on Thursdays (i only started thursday just gone!)

I'm doing it at home though because i have a social phobia.

I know i'm going to struggle with meal/ snack ideas so would be good to have someone to bounce ideas off
Im struggling to get a grasp of it lol.


Can't wait to have 1 chin
What are you struggling with beauty? i'm still new to this but i might be able to hep !
I am ok think, I just dont know what would be best buys for minimals points......Im guessing loads of fruit an veg....they are free mainly arent they?


Can't wait to have 1 chin
I think so , i was told that peas are 1pp per tbsp.

I've been eating lots of grapes, they fill me up well & for quite a while. I also had 3 egg whites scrambled with a bit of salt & pepper this morning, i felt over full with 3 tho so i might try 2 lol.

Do you have a pp calculator ?
hi little romany ,i started WW last thursday too ,but will be going to meetings so if i get any tips ill post for you on here hun ,i have a long long way to go so i will be around for a long time ,i have paid for a monthly pass and with that i think that allows you to go on esource which im doing and theres an online tracker on there which is really handy instead of writing everything down on paper ,its so handy to see exactly what goes in your mouth ,like everyone has told me ..if you snack it track it lol ,good luck hun and everyone else xx


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Hi denie welcome to the forum i go to ww meeting the calculators are very good as you can point every food also they are on special offer at meetings at the moment good luck what day do you weigh in x
i havent got a calculator but have one when i log on to my WW account.
I bought loads of fruit and veg, melba toast, and alpen bars and lots of Ww meals and desserts til i get the jist of things! i need to do a meal planner before the next shop me thinks!

i dont really like the web site, it is rubbish to navigate around and i find it really annoying!


Can't wait to have 1 chin
I've got a book i write everything in too. I'm quite lucky,as i don't work so i have no problem with time to figure everything out.

I'm still sort of reluctant to eat as i don't know what to put with things without going over points. I think fruit is the way forward with this !

I'm also keeping a list of points in foods so i don't have to keep working it out
i use the app on my phone as well, i did buy a calculator which my sister is now using as i didnt see the point in carrying both around with me.
Hi girlies, am new too. I joined y,day and started counting my pro points 2day, think iv had a bad day tho, iv used all my points still hungry and have the rest of the night left. I also have a problem I work away so finding sumthing to eat at nights is going to be hard, but I have to shift my weight. Iv joined the monthly pass so am able to do it online. Good look girls. X


Can't wait to have 1 chin
You still have your 49 weekly points hun ! maybe you could find something that would fill you up but not use too many of those?

I'm going to start planning meals & snacks etc for the week, maybe that would help with work ?

Good luck !
Ahh I think Ill add the BB app then, brilliant.

Well Ive not had too bad a day, start officially tomorrow, and I am going to do the 30 day shred (eeeeeeeeekkkkkk!) along side it. Am I?? why did I think that might be a good idea?? hmmm. May be Ill do the 30 day shred along side hahah!!!

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