I need a kick up the ass please.

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  1. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    For the past two weeks, my weight loss has stalled. I went from 391lbs to 372lbs in about a month, but since February hit, I've been eating over my calories and indulging in takeout food when I could just as easily - and far more quickly - cook something healthy.

    I'm struggling to find the motivation to eat right. I don't want to give up, but I feel like there's no point trying if all I'm going to do is screw up all the time.

    It doesn't help that I've forgotten my MFP password and so haven't been able to log in and track my food/calories.

    I guess I need to remind myself that if I get back on track right this second, I could lose 80lbs by the end of the year which would put me in the 200s, and then it'd just take one more year to reach my ultimate goal weight...

    Ugh, but why isn't that enough to push me back on the straight and narrow?!

    It doesn't help that I'm on day *15* of my period, the first 13 days being horrifically heavy (sorry for the TMI!) but now I'm on mefenamic acid which seems to be helping, so maybe I should seize the opportunity to get straight back on track instead of wallowing in self pity and Mars bar wrappers.
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  3. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    Come on Ellaye, you can do it! Just think you've had an amazing start, get those takeaway menus in the bin and plan some lovely food. Set yourself a mini goal rather than looking at it as 80lb, it makes it so much more manageable.

    You can do it :D
  4. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    hi ella
    you can do it hun we have those days everyone one off us love for your mfp set up a new account and write your password down so you will not forget it
    your going to do it you really are x x x xx
  5. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    I binged this evening. Big style. Almost 1200 calories.

    One Mars bar, two packets of Fruittella, a Nakd bar, two Eat Natural bars and two bags of crisps. Oh, and two mini Peperami.

    Yeah. Gross, huh?

    But, if I'm sensible tomorrow, I should be able to claw it back and not gain. I hope. Ugh. I'm so disappointed. It didn't help that my friend started to question me about my break up from a few months back, which had me in floods of tears because it's still a major sore spot for me.

    But, tomorrow is a new day.

    I'm also going to start experimenting a little more in the kitchen. I love to cook and I find the challenge of creating healthy dishes fun and it keeps me on track. So far, I've made a raw vegan banana "ice cream" and I'm thawing some chicken livers to make pate tomorrow. I looooove pate, but the store bought stuff is chock full of fat and junk. This will just be livers sautéed in olive oil, caramelised onions, garlic and some herbs. It might not work out so well without butter, but it's worth trying out anyway.
  6. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    Well, this weekend is a disaster.

    I'm really struggling to get back on track. I think the only way I'm going to do this is if I start again from scratch on Monday. So, instead of looking at like I'm getting back on track after a blip, I'm going to look at it as though I'm starting from square one again. A new starting weight, a new (more reasonable) goal weight, the whole deal. A total fresh start. And I'm going to start posting on here regularly again because it really helped keep me accountable.
  7. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    here here ell im with you on that a new start for both of us on monday x x
  8. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    How are you getting on?

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  9. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    Pretty good :)

    I haven't weighed myself yet because I want to hold out until my weigh in day on the 1st, but I've stuck to my calories, I've not had the urge to binge and I feel positive about it all again!
  10. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    That's brilliant! You're doing well and clearly really focused! :D

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