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I need a kick up the bum!!


Laserbeams set on goal
Hiya Guys,

I started CD at the end of last May, starting at 21st. I got down to 15st 4 before Christmas and got complacent... pretty much dumped CD and have scoffed anything and everything.

Today, I'm 15st 11lbs. :sigh: I'm getting married in June and feel like I've wasted so much time!! I really wanted to be about 11st for my wedding but don't think I have a chance of that now :wave_cry:

But I'm really going to give it a shot. I've got out all my shake packs and keep thinking to myself that I've done it before and can do it again. Tomorrow is D-Day!

I know what I need to do, just looking for support really! Dreading the first few days until I can go into ketosis xxxx
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Laugh, love, live!
Claire, you can do it honey, think of all them beautiful photos that are gonna be taken of you as the beautiful bride! Dig deep and find that resolve, you're worth the effort xx


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good evening
I'm in the same boat only i've never stopped. I lost most of my weight before Xmas and have spent the past 3 months just messing about. I'm not sure what to do to kick start me back as I've technically not stopped the diet - I've just not stuck to it either so for me i've been paying to remain the same weight ( or loose a pound gain a pound) so.......as we've both lost 71 pounds lets do it together.
With regards


Laserbeams set on goal
Thanks you two, it really helps knowing there is someone there who knows what it's like!!

Today is weird. I feel motivated, but I'm surrounded by temptation and I catch myself forgetting that I'm being strict with myself. We have bags and bags of sweets next to my desk that are being sold for charity -- oh how easy it is to just drop £1 in the box and have some! But even worse is that my colleague has brought in a massive tin of Roses. With the lid off. For anyone to grab at (i.e. me!) but I've been careful so far and have avoided letting myself down!

Have had 1.5 litres of water and a Chocolate Tetra so far. Have another Tetra for lunch, but might see if I can pace myself and have it this afternoon and just fill up on more water!

99% of this battle is psychological. Curses, brain!!!!

You have not drifted too far off the wagon and you can get back on track and reach your target weight for your wedding...think positive and if you dont I will come and :copon:.....so be warned I can be quite formidable....lol...xx


Laserbeams set on goal
So, here I am at the evening of my first 'proper' day and I haven't strayed once yet! Woo hoo! Still have a shake mix to go, and will probably split it to make it last longer. Even managed to drink 5 litres of water!

Today has been a funny old day. I've been on my own in the office, which I kind of like, but it doesn't provide much distraction when your mind starts wandering to food. And boy, it has dragged something terrible! But I can do this, I have to do this. During my break, I sat and read some diaries here of people who have successfully lost on CD. That really kept me going, and I am so grateful to read of ups and downs. :)

I'm a bit worried about tomorrow, though. I have the day off work and will be going shopping with my mum and sister. That's not too bad, neither of them are big social eaters so I don't think I will be dragged into food outlets. The biggest problem is my sister coming over to stay the night. We're planning on going out and she's so excited about having a drink and getting merry. I haven't the heart to call it off. So, I might just have to do the old order-water-and-pretend-it's-vodka trick! Hopefully she won't notice. I really don't want to break off now that I'm in the mood for being serious with weight loss again. Plus, a day off is a day wasted! Ho hum.

Oh, and it never rains but it pours on that front! It's my birthday next week, and I've been invited out for tea next Wednesday. Still, at least I've some time to think about how to manage that one... :eek:


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I would plan whatever you decide to do about your birthday then stick to it, that way if you plan to eat then its not cheating similarly if you plan to SS on that day tell everyone now.
As for tonight thats entirely up to you....put it down to a trial for next week !!
Good luck, with love


always struggling
Hello Claire, I have been doing this for 1 week today, but have had a few blips meaning chocolate and one morning some buttery toast - but I have ignored going off track and carried on. Keep strong and you can loose your weight and will do it for your wedding. Good luck x
Good luck Claire, stick with it and you'll be stones lighter for your wedding.

I have trouble with social events, I agree with PP that you should decide what you are going to do and stick to it. Remain in control and make the right choices and you may not even come out of keto.

Good luck with it all.



Laserbeams set on goal
Thank you all so much for encouragement and good wishes, it is such a boost and really helps!! xx

Well, yesterday didn't go exactly as planned -- but I'm not letting it get to me too much.

All day I did really well! I swear, I should have a halo as I sat patiently whilst my mum and sis tucked into some delicious looking fruit toast :D Ordered myself some water, and had a giggle with them whilst sipping on that. In fact, I drank 4 litres of water during the day and, if you ignore the fact that wherever we went my first priority was assessing where the ladies' were, I didn't find it too hard. Had a fantastic day -- really enjoyed the shopping -- but clothes sizes in shops drive me nuts! Has anyone else noticed that? I bought a lovely pair of trousers from Monsoon -- size 20, a little baggy but the 18s were really too tight across my bum and I wanted to wear them next week, so didn't want to pre-empt being smaller than I am. Trousers from Evans (also size 20) fitted perfectly! Tops are my biggest problem -- oh my! Monsoon jumper - size 18. Fits lovely. Monsoon frilly top - size 18. Fits well across my bust and shoulders but a little tight at the bottom of my tummy. Monsoon cardigan -- size 20 -- fits how I like it (slightly big). New Look top -- size 16. Fits perfectly! Evans top -- size 16. Fits perfectly! Wallis jacket -- size 16 -- a little tight across the tummy but passable. Debenhams dress -- size 18. Fits lovely arund my tummy and hips but am going to have to take it in a little across the bust. So, in effect, I have no idea what size I am... somewhere between a 16/18 top and 18/20 bottom! Still, big improvement on the 24s I was busting out of wearing this time last year. :) What shopping DID do was highlight how much I want to be able to go in ANY shop and try things on. I feel so limited sometimes, walking by shops that go up to a 14 and seeing really pretty clothes that I know I can't even entertain, and then always looking or the 'big' rails in the shops that do go up to those sizes.

Anyhoo, after the 5 hours ("!") of flexing the plastic, I went out. All good intentions flew away -- yep, I gave in and had drinkypoos. Probably 4 Bacardi Breezers, a WKD and more glasses of Archers and lemonade than I care to think about (although I wasn't too drunk -- go figure). But that wasn't the worst... drink weakened my resolve and I had a chicken drumstick, two bread rolls and two bags of Quavers. Oops! An early setback, but not showing on the scales... yet!

So, I gave myself a bit of psychological counselling this morning. It happened, I need to just keep moving forward rather than thinking I've blown it. It worked, and I'm really pleased with myself today -- feeling motivated, I have stuck to things 100% and feel great. And not at all hungry! I had a strawberry shake for breakfast, nothing else yet but am about to whip up a 'muffin'. That gives me a shake left to play with this evening (undoubtedly my worst time).

Anyway, sorry if the above doesn't read very well, it's kind of an outpouring of my thoughts :D Lets see what Sunday brings...



Laserbeams set on goal
Well, Sunday has brought a reasonable day! Be warned! FOOD REFERENCES BELOW!

Having absolutely NO food in the cupboards and a very hungry sigoth, we decided to hit Tescos. I was quite nervous as food shopping at the start of a diet is always a test and a half, especially with an aisle full of scrummy looking Easter eggs. But, I survived! The only purchase I made for myself was a bottle of Volvic :D

Once home, I set about
making him a roast dinner. Lovely big chicken, roasties, broccoli and cauliflower. I actually enjoyed making it but come serving time it was hard, especially as there was left over roasties! I confess, some chicken found it's way into my mouth. Not a lot, and at least it's lean protein! Whilst the sigoth tucked in, I whipped up 1/2 pack chocolate, 1/2 pack of vanilla, a spoonful of coffee and loads of crushed ice. A recipe I adored last year on CD, but a drink I struggled to enjoy today. :( Maybe my tastes have changed or maybe my brain was groaning at the thought of shakes for a few months again!

I kept myself busy this afternoon by washing up and cleaning the kitchen cupboards. I don't know if I felt hungry (as in physically hungry) or if I just wanted food because I knew I shouldn't. But anyway, survived the afternoon and went off and did 15 minutes on the cross trainer to 'burn off' the chicken (150 cals, according to the machine!)

About half an hour ago, I felt a bit fuzzy so I had a tin of tuna in brine. I guess I've done my own version of CD today, could've been worse... tested myself a couple of minutes ago and am in ketosis according to my sticks (so why have I found it harder today than yesterday? :rolleyes: ).

Also... just had a sneaky weigh-in and am 15st 4! This is a loss of 7lbs since Thursday :eek: . Weigh in isn't 'officially' until 26th... wonder if I can drop another couple of pounds before then? That would be fantastic, and on par with how I did in my first week last year... don't want to set myself up for disappointment though, so trying not to get toooo excited.


Laserbeams set on goal
Thanks CC! xx Think I may have scuppered myself though :(

Why have I done it? Why, why, WHY? :( 80g of chocolate brazil nuts and 120g midget gems... in my belly at around 3pm :( :( :(

Day 5 was going so well to that point too :( Bl00dy hell!


Laserbeams set on goal
I've just been to Boots and had one of those fancy height/weight/body fat readouts! Firstly, my scales at home must weigh a bit light, because there is 4lbs difference between these and those. It's a bit disheartening, but hey-ho -- I've still dropped the same amount of pounds assuming all pounds are equal!

Anyway, my results were as follows:-

Weight: 15st 7lb (98.5kg)

Height: 5'6.5 (1.70m)

BMI: 34.9 (I think BMI readings are as good as useless though!)

Body Fat: 42.8% :)eek: Almost half of me is just fat!) = 42.1kg of fat!

Excellent fat % is 22.2% ... which I guess means I need to lose around 22kg of fat (48.5lbs)

*Le sigh*


always struggling
You have done so well. Keep up the good work. Maybe you can give me the gee up I need. I lost 8lb but have put 2lb back on just by being silly and giving in too easily. I have not stuck to soul source this week and could kick myself .. its so hard and my willpower is rubbish. When I read your threads it makes me realise im not on my own with the struggle!! xx


Laserbeams set on goal
You have done so well. Keep up the good work. Maybe you can give me the gee up I need. I lost 8lb but have put 2lb back on just by being silly and giving in too easily. I have not stuck to soul source this week and could kick myself .. its so hard and my willpower is rubbish. When I read your threads it makes me realise im not on my own with the struggle!! xx
Oh, don't get too disheartened! We can do this hun!

The way I'm trying to cope is that if I have a blip, I try not to think 'I've blown it', because that leads to more blips which leads to me giving up. I tell myself off, and carry on like I didn't blip! Seems to be working so far! But you're right, it is SO hard. Although, I guess when you think about it, it's only natural to want to eat so you are fighting nature a bit.

8lbs is a brilliant loss... the 2 you put on will only be water, it'll come off quick again. Don't fret and give me a shout if you need a boost xxxx


always struggling
Hi sunnysmile, how are you doing? x

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