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I need a massive kick up the arse!

Please help! I have been really bad since after my WI Tuesday night, I have eaten all manner of rubbish and I'm not going to write it all down as that would take forever!! I need to get back on plan ASAP, I need a big kick up the arse and someone to tell me to stop eating rubbish!!
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Lol I know that answer, I always have done, but chocolate has got the better of me!!! I really need to be strict as I'm off out Saturday night for a Xmas party so I think a maintain is my best hope this week, I just hope I haven't done too much damage already!!
If I were you I would actually try to write it down so,at least then you can try and work out syns. You can then see if there is a way you can reduce the damage, after all there's still 5 days till next weigh in. You may be able to cut your syns a.bit to make up for them?
Or the other approach is to write down how you feel right now, do a for and against losing weight list and stick it somewhere you can see it. This may help you get back on track and start tomorrow as a fresh new day and forget the last 2 days. Good luck! It happens to us all x
I think writing it all down would give me a heart attack!! I've had more than my weekly allowance of Syns over the last 2 days that's for sure! Yes I think damage limitation is the way to go now- as few Syns as I can possibly manage for next 5 days and no more chocolate!
Thats a good idea, writing down how I feel right now... If I could beat myself up right now I would because I know I have been really really stupid! I seem to do it after a big loss and I need to stop!
The first thing you need to do is stop thinking you've ruined your week. Because when you think that you end up in the mindset of 'oh well I've already messed up, might as well keep going'. Just look at tomorrow. Say that tomorrow you will be 100% don't worry about the rest of the week. Just take each day a day at a time. The chocolate is the past and there's not much you can do about it now. If you try to restrict yourself too much you'll just resent it and it will make you want the naughties even more.
That is all very good advice- thanks :)
I am going to be 100% tomorrow :)
I am going to be 100% today- got my Hi-Fi light bars and some fruit to take to work,a mugshot for lunch and a sausage pasta bake for dinner. I shall be strict!


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If you have any chocs in the house throw them in the bin NOW!

You say you are back on it today which is good to hear, dont beat yourself up over it you already know what you have done wrong so just move on and dont do it again.

You know you can do it as you wouldnt have come so far already :)
Yes just draw that imaginary line we all talk about and move on. I have pointy boots on for that kick ha ha! You will do this, its just a blip, youre human and this happens to us all and this time of the year is so difficult. I would chuck out all choc or give it away to a hospice or hospital or something like that. This will help you and be a nice gesture to others who are feeling low! You will soon be back on track. :)
Thanks guys :)
All the chocolate has been removed from the house and I've just really enjoyed my mugshot for lunch, going to have some fruit now and then back to work :(
Well after that bad week, I only put on 1.5lbs so I'm quite happy as I expected so much more!! 100% strict this week!!
Well after that bad week, I only put on 1.5lbs so I'm quite happy as I expected so much more!! 100% strict this week!!
You can do it!!!

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