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i need advice pls


i am ready.....
i feel really sick, my stomach is upside down, feel like i'm gonna throw up, my head is really hurting bad too - i am on my third day re-starting the SS CD, i havent cheated at all, i have however had a sugar free chewing gum earier - could this have upset my belly - its the new trident ones.......
i am still very focussed on my target - i am not tempted to cheat (thanx to minimins) but i am curious if this is normal - i do not remember feeling like this b4. . . . . . .
i have also bin swimming today - was it too soon to excercise?
i have had two packs so far today and almost 3 litres of water.
whats wrong with me? i really feel like i'm gonna throw up.
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Queen of the Damned
Poor you honey - sounds like a combination of lots of things, and don't forget there are loads of leurgies doing the rounds at the moment. Is there any chance you can go off to bed?? You may feel better after a rest.

It shouldn't be CD, especially on day 3. I would also leave off on the chewing gum until you are fully in ketosis - you never know, it might be something in there :hug99:


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Oh Tara!! Sounds like you have carb/sugar withdrawl, it might also be that the vits are a bit too much for you. Drink lots of water, try splitting your packs so they will be a bit more diluted for you....and take some pain killers (non sugar coated of course) for your head.

Those pesky Trident thingies, is it the strawberry and lime one? gotta watch out for citric acid in them........

When I restarted, it always seemed worse!! swimming might have taken it out of you a bit...maybe slow down for a week or 2?

Hope you feel better soon, this is just something you have to ride out me dear!! keep on hanging on!! :hug99:


i am ready.....
thanx for the quick reply d_q, thinking about it i swollowed a bit of water at the pool today - might be the chlorine. a nap sounds so good - i might just do that.

thanx agen, tara xxx


One Last Time.......
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just jumped on for a quick fix before i head out... agree with Coley sounds like day 3 what i call 'detox belly' i always feel it day 3.......

go and have a nap and hopefully it will go as quickly as it came!



i am ready.....
thanx coley, rach and janey!
coley, it was just the plain ones, spearmint i think.......
i am gonna go take a nap with my hot water bottle and take the paracetamol, by the time i wake it should be gone(sleep got me thru LL)......
thnx agen guys

tara xxx
I agree with Coley. Will probably be carb withdrawal. I was recommended when I got up day 3 to take paracetamol as I would be rough with headaches etc depending how quickly I went into ketosis. I had my 1st weigh in on the evening of the 3rd day and already was in ketosis & had dropped 5 lbs.

Hope you felling better after the nap & hopefully tomorrow brings you a better day!!!

There is although a sickness bug going round at moment but dont know how wide spread it is


i am ready.....
hi everyone and thank u all so much for all your support.

today was a very emotional and amazing day for me - i have discovered the reason why i felt sick today and i have confronted it, i feel better now - i have updated my blog with details if anyone is interested.......(sorry if its too long but i feel so much better sharing it)

thanx again guys

tara xxx


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ahh tara just read your blog sooo hard losing a loved one my relationship started with food when i lost my mum 15 yrs ago so know what your going through chicken keep focused and your head held high your doing soo well and your dad would be so proud of you xxxxxxxxx:grouphugg:

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