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I Need All The Help I Can Get

Hi, I am about to re-start CD for what looks to be the millionth time, and this time I am really determined to stick it through. I've been trying so many methods to lose weight and I keep failing each time around. Even when I was on CD, I never managed to get past the 1st or 2nd day. I feel like such a failure. After losing 11kg, my weight remained stagnant for the past 2 years, and even though I try to diet and jog and everything, my weight just doesn't seem to budge.

Sometimes I'm afraid there's some illness out there that doesnt allow you to lose weight or something and I wonder if I have it. I really wanna start proper this time round, and I really hope you guys out there can help me. I intend to become a full regular around here cos I find this forum so motivating.

Could you guys share all your starting experiences? What's your motivation, what keeps you going at your lowest low, for e.g. not losing/losing very little in a particular week, hunger, temptation etc. I also have an addiction to the scale and just can't stop myself from weighing myself every single day. Sometimes I feel it's the reason why I keep failing, but still I keep doing it.

Help... :cry:
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Hi Royal Purple,

Have you tried the 790 plan? It sounds like it may be a better plan for you and hopefully you will be able to get past the 1st day or two then. As you wont feel like you are completly depriving yourself.

I think the only ilness out there that stops us from loosing weight is our own little chatterboxes going into overdrive! As soon as you say the word diet they all start jumping up and down and trying to make you eat and corrupt you - bleeding things :)

I have just re-started and am on day 11 now. It did take me a good few attemots to get into it I will not lie but I think you have to have your head totally around it to be able to sucseed. I have a wedding I am going to in September that is part of my motivation. But my main motivation is purely for me. I want to feel fab and get back into my skinny jeans etc so wethere there was a wedding or not I would still be doing it. I am doing this diet for me and no -one else. Whenever I am tempted or hungry I just think I know it is not worth it, trying to get back on this plan is a pain as you well know so I know as much as I want to eat I cant be bothered with the hassle of going through the withdrawal symptons again. I want to loose weight and every day when I try on my clothes for work and they feel a bit looser Iknow it is worth staying on track for :)

As for having a scale addiction - so do most of us! I get on mine every day if not twice just to see. It is annoying when you see it go up or not move but I now know to take my official reading on Monday mornings and try and ignore the reading - its hard but something only you do! It is not a good enough reason to fail at this diet. If you want to do it you can! If I can do it you def can chick :)

N xx
Hi R.P, Well Im just starting my 2nd week,first few days were rough, but by day 3 was feeling much better,and have been feeling normal since then, yip I do have food cravings,they seem to be getting less, Im not hungry just crave,also think how I will feel if I do eat !!! but if I eat I wont loose will not be doing myself any favours. I try an keep myself busy, and when I need a bit of inspiration or advice I come on here, every one here is going through then same, so R.P you aint alone. Stick in you will get your rewards. Y.M


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Hi Royal Purple,

If you are really worried about not being able to lose weight you could ask your GP to check your thyroid levels. This just involves a blood test.

Thyroid levels can affect weight - two of my sisters have hypo-thyroidism (sp?) and they couldn't lose weight - Now they are both on thyroxin and have managed to lose the weight. One of them had to have lots of blood tests and visits because it didn't show as a problem - luckily her GP believed she had it and kept trying. We have all been checked for any problems too. (nothing for the rest of us)
(There are lots of symptoms not just weight gain/loss but it can be dangerous if left untreated)

Good luck with your re-start - I also agree that 790 should be the way for you to go - great losses but with a decent sized meal too.


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Just wanted to wish you luck,

Im on day4 of my re-start, last time i was slow loser i guess all our bodies are different but as peeps have said mabye try the 790 plan.

Best of luck whatever you decide.

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