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I need help please

S: 14st13lb G: 11st1lb
I need to get back on the waggon :sigh: I have had a fab 3 weeks felt fab got my 1/2 stone award and slimmer of the week.I was so in control and have just blown it in the last 2 days I am so disappointed in myself I could cry:cry:.
It started yesterday with a piece of coffee & walnut cake and went down hill from there, 5 bits of fudge and then buttery mash:break_diet:.
Ok I thought put it behind me and what did I go and do today only had a big wedge of choc fudge cake :eek:. with cream :break_diet:
Now I feel like sh*t :mad: why do we torture ourselves?
Can I pull it back before next Tuesday?
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Starting over
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write down everything, eat lots of superfree foods and close your eyes when you see cake:). Damage limitation. You'll be fine.


Trying again!!!
Been there Claire as I'm sure have most of the members on here, just forget about it and move on, I'm sure that there's not too much damage done hun. Any roads you have 4 days to be 100% so jump back on the wagon chick! xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
Just a question, where is this cake coming from? Is it in your house? If so put it out for the birds! Are you buying it? Then why? The trouble with sugary fat things is they leave you wanting more. That's why unless you have iron willpower it's better to ban these things altogether at the start of your campaign. Later on after a period without them you find (usually unless you're hormonal) you find that after eating them you either find they are so sickly you either don't really fancy them any more or one slice is really enough.
Lecture over! Yes you can pull it back! But you have to draw a line under it, and start as you mean to go on! DON'T starve yourself, concentrate on all your free food and hit the fruit
, but just reduce your syns abit. SW is about not feeling guilty.
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i agreee with the rest, its only gone tits up if you let it get the better of you and give up.. so what, we all ahve these days.. and i promise youl have another one along your weight loss journey, its about telling yourself you really enjoyed that calorific food, but now its time to be sensible again, and your gunna do it. Eat all your free foods and write everything down. .

Feeling guilty about it wont make you any lighter! .. and who wants to spend the rest of thier life feeling guilty and dissapointed everytime they eat somthing a bit high syned? i don't.. thats not what slimmingworld about.. granted, youv eaten alot of syns, but you can still fix this, you ahve mroe than enough time, and if you put enough effort and maybe even put yourself out to d a little bit of exercise you might even lose? xxxxxxxx lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
G: 10st10lb
You can either put it behind you and move forward or beat yourself up over it and have another crap day. Whats it to be? Have a good positive attitude today to lift the spirits and I think if you can get through today without beating yourself up over it again, you will find you have moved forward and thats what we all want to do. Put a smile on your face (its hard to be down when smileing), have a spring in your step and tell yourself you are fantastic for putting slip ups behind you. xx
S: 14st13lb G: 11st1lb
Ok back on track :), the cake comes from peoples birthdays at work so I have been good up to now and not given into temptation its just when I'm having a sh*t day/week at work.
Its the food devil that wins :mad: but I've been good today Banana & muller lite for breakfast, pear mid morning, Jacket pot and little pack of butter (2.5 syns) & pasta for lunch 4 plums and a peach & Pasta and sauce for tea. Syns for today 5 (damage limitation):D
Thanks everyone xxxxxxxx

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
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Good to hear you're back on track!

One thing though: I know that eating a lump of cake, when you are on a diet, is a bit naughty...But turning it into a major disaster, by freaking out and having an "I've blown, it so I might as well just lose control completely!!!" reaction (to a relatively small slip up), is not the way forward.

Perfectionism seems to me to be the scourge of our age. Lots of people want to be perfect, or NOTHING. Don't let that pressure get to you... Do your best, ride out your blips and remember that even if you do have the odd slip, you are being much "better" than you were before. Good luck!
G: 10st10lb
Well done for getting back on track, good girl. As for the cake comming from peoples birthdays at work, could you not work them into your syns for that day so you can join in? If you know when peoples birthdays are you can plan for the cakes in advance and enjoy without the guilt. Just a thought xx

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