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I really need some help here. I re-started about a wk ago and stuck to cd for the first 2 days and then since day 3 ive started picking. I havent had anything big or a meal, but its a bite here n there in the evening. I did weigh myself on day 3 and had lost 4 lbs in 2 days, but since then ive gone up 1lb and not lost anythin due to me picking. I seem to be able to stick to it all day long until just before going to bed. I get so tired with the cookin, cleaning and runnin after my little daughter that by the time ive put her to bed i feel so knackered, depressed, bored and fedup and then i start picking. I still seem to turn to food for comfort...which only lasts a few seconds.
It is really a shame though as i did start with so much determination, positivity and will power... but ive just let myself down. I do so so so much wanna loose weight, then why cant i just sick to it like everyone else is. I feel like a big fat faliure :cry:
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don't feel like a failure.

getting past day 3 is the hardest part but when ketosis kicks in, you won't feel hungry and it is much easier to tackle your emotional attachments to food.

i used to always save a shake for bedtime as something to look forward to. i save a bar now but you can't have them until after week 2 i believe.

focus on how good you felt when you saw you had lost that 4lbs and keep that in mind when you feel tempted! xxx


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thanx for replying little gem. I think i need to really get passed the first 3-4 days and then il be fine. Im really gonna give it my all today and im probably not gonna weigh myself till the wk1 is over, that way il be puttin more effort in to get a pleasent surprise. xx


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dont think you have failed as before day 3 is hard, try to find something to take your mind off the food etc, ie, go have a hot soak, grab a book, or if all else fails take yourself off to bed good luck to you x


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I find that keeping myself busy stops me from thinking about food. And also keeping a shake till late helps too, then you have something to look forward to and you know you can have it if the hunger get's too much!

Love Dee x