I need help with Spicy Tomato Soup!


I ate my willpower!
Hi All

My CDC can't see me until Tuesday evening which will mean I will have to use my tomato soup packs. I tried making it with my Frothie Maker and it was digusting. Any tips on how to make this soup?

Spicy Tomato Soup.

With this particular soup one of two methods should be used listed below. If hot water is put directly onto the soup powder it will separate.

Mixing Instructions for Tomato soup - choice of 2

Add a small amount of cold water to the contents of a sachet, make a thick smooth paste, add boiling water to make up to 250ml and mix thoroughly with a whisk or blender.

Or alternatively

Mix with 50ml of cold water then top up to 250 ml with boiling water.

Either way is okay but the first is hotter.

I love my spicy toamto soup. I do the second method that Linda suggested and find the soup nice as it's not too hot to drink.

mmmm thinking about it I might have one for lunch!!!!!
Thanks! I will try it if I get desperate on Tuesday.