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I need help!!!


Mistress of the Dark

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you fill me with words of encouragement and motivation???

I just can't seem to do it any more. I really need to SS to Christmas because I am fed up of clothes not fitting me.

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE can someone give me the magic words that will make me stick to this???

I know it's a long shot but someone might know them ;) x
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Hayley 22

would like to be slim
All i can say is i have lost a stone in 2 weeks and that is enough to keep me going...... have been 100%!
If your really struggling take yourself for a drive or a walk, get some fresh air and think about why you started CD and how far you've come and why you're on it!

Did that work? :D

Okay, okay, serious head on. Restarting's the pits. Done it so many times I reckon I could write a book about it. But I'm not going to give up until I get there - and I will get there! :D

Sounds like going cold turkey - that is, going straight on to SS isn't working for you. Too much deprivation all in one go, maybe?

So a few thoughts.

Have you tried starting out on a higher plan? 810, for example, so you can have some food.

In the past, I've managed to get back on to SS by doing low carb for a few days to get myself into ketosis first. That's quite do-able actually, and has the added benefit of you losing water weight as you lose your glycogen store.

Or you might find it easier to work down the Cambridge steps. Have a look at this - see what you think! http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-returners/21313-beginning-sole-source-easier-way.html
Hi soon2blittle, I felt EXACTLY the same as u last week and ended up binging, which made me feel worse! If your really struggling why not have a ss+ meal? I did last nite, got weighed today and have still managed to lose 7lbs in my first week. The way ur feeling will pass and u will be so proud u powered on with it. Have a hot bath, read something funny, paint ur nails, anything to distract u!!

Hi Gem

Not magic words, but speaking as a 41 year old that has been up and down with her weight for so many years, and missed out on opportunities through lacking confidence at times, I would so urge you to use CD to get to goal -once and for all!
Good Luck x


Team 1 all the way!
I'm just finishing day 1....I am so there with you! I feel sick, tired and miserable. BUT I will not let the fat beat me.
I have binged for the last 6 wks solid and have put on a stone in that time. If I carry on, I will end up back to what I was this time last yr, and I WILL not give all those non-believers the satisfaction of saying, 'I told you so'. Arggghhhhh! I wish I'd kept it up!


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks guys :)

Monday is the day for me and I am just going to take it one day at a time.

The thing that I am focussing on is that I bought some size 20 jeans the other day and they are a tiny bit too tight. I do not want to be any bigger so the time is now! I will be back in an 18 before I know!! That's my aim!

Gem xxx


Full Member
Good luck Gem, and just keep in mind, you have already come so far!!! you are doing great and you can keep doing it!!

Try to think up every reason you can why you want tot loose weight whenever you feel it's getting hard. Might give you a boost to keep going!
Hi ya ...

Do you have any smaller clothes you can hang in your room that can be seen clearly every day.... a special outfit or jeans that you would love to get into?? that can help :)

Depending on financial situation..could you book a little something like a spa day or even a small break away to get you motivated towards that day? for say in 12 weeks time etc? a New Year reward?

I feel for you x


Mistress of the Dark
thanks Klev and mrsessex :)

finances are dire at the moment so treats are kind of out of the questions. i'm trying to throw myself into my studying and that takes my mind off food usually so will keep that up!

i have my jeans hanging up in my room: sizes 20, 18, 16 and 14. one at a time is my aim. i would be happy to get into the 16 even if i don't get any further!!! x
Gem... thats brill bout the jeans..thats the best one

Once a week try them all on.... you'll see such a difference!!! It can be SUCH a motivator..well it works with me :)

Wish you loads of luck and yes studying is a good way to keep our mind occupied x
the jeans is a great motivator!! I pull all my old jeans out of the closet every now and then and try them on. Every time i can see that i am a bit closer to being able to wear them :D (secretly i hope next week :p)

It's good that you can get yourself distracted by studying! keep going!! :D


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks guys!
I'm just disappointed because it's my 25th birthday on Tuesday and if i had stuck at CD the first time, I could have been going out partying in a nice slinky short dress instead of sitting at home moping in faded tracksuit bottoms and my OH over-sized hoodie!!!

Oh well, 26th birthday WILL be a skinny one! x
Oh i understand why your moping :( but as you said! there is always next year!!! :D and then you will be able to get out and party.

BTW, don;t let this stop you having a great time on your B-day this year. you have already lost so much! you can go party in smaller clothes then previous time, i would say, go ahead and enjoy yourself!!! :D
Hi Gem,I lost my weight for the 1st time when I was 25(kept it off til 2007/8 after new baby and losing my mum), I cannot tell you how it changed my life and what a ball my mid-late 20's were.Also I did really well in my career after this weight loss as my confidence really improved. Please stick with this diet,your success will come soon. x


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks Mrs Taurus! That's good advice and great to hear! I really do want my second and third years of uni and beyond to be fun and not marred by my lack of confidence! x
Hi ya,
I'm on my day 2 (AGAIN) and finding it not too bad at the moment but I know that's going to change but I have lost over a stone with this diet before and I have kept an old pair of trousers to keep me motivated, they are a size 20 and when I put them on now they just fall down!
Maybe you can try something like that/?

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