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i need help!


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Hi there, I'm told that feeling you have is 'Atkins flu' & it does go pretty quickly then you will be full of energy.
The labels in the UK are already 'net carbs' so we don't have to take the fibre off. Just read the carbs & that will be correct.

When I came on here someone told me to go to the Atkins thread. It has people doing all sorts of low carbing & so much help & info. Plus everyone is really friendly :D

You will get all the answers you need on there.

Good luck,



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it should pass quite quickly. Are you drinking plenty of water??? I remember when I first went into keotosis I drank a lot.

I am just going back into it again this week as I have been on holiday for two weeks and I didn't stick to my diet while I was away. (No weight gain so I am very pelased with myself.)

I was told by my consultant at Go Lower no food with carbs over 5g / 100g but I never asked how many intotal each day. As they provide most of my food I don't have to worry too much about that.

By the way they did tell me to be careful with sausages as sometimes they are stuffed full of rubbish so do check yours.

Good luck and if you need any support we are all here for you.


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Hi Fat 2 fab - wow well done one all your weight loss its amaazing and you look fab!!!!!
Yes sounds like Atkins flu - dont worry you get over it and then feel fab!!!
hey guys...feelin ok... but i feel like im eating loads! im not moaning like...im staying away from the scales tho its horrendous....i lost all me weight on cd but ive put a stone and half back on in 3 yrs and i feel soo low from it! so im gunna just get on with it as much as i can. no quick fixes any more...need to do it right...i no low carbs not the best but its not bothering me which is strange because sarnies WAS my fave food haha xx


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Hi Fab

isn't amazing how once your body goes into keotosis you don't crave sandwiches anymore!

So many foods I though I would find it hard to live without and yet with Go Lower somedays I have to make myself eat as I am not hungry.
Yep sounds like the classic Atkins 'flu all right. It does pass and you soon feel full of energy and optimism!

Try to eat vegetables too, and not just meat products. Veggies are essential for good health, for all the vitamins and enzymes in them as well as the fibre.

Some veggies are higher in carbs than others so as always check the labels.

Good luck, you look fantastic! Well done x


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Have a look on the atkins forum for oopsie rolls :) they are great substitute for bread for sarnie - or the MIMS too :D


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What are MIMS and oopsie rolls?

Are they just bread substitutes as if they are I will do without as I am not missing bread so it seems silly to substitute it.

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