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I Need Help!!

Hi everyone.

I am starting Slimming World (again) in the New Year, I know I dont have what it takes to start now, with Christmas just around the corner, but I am ready to start on January 2nd!

Anyway, I am trying to plan ahead and sort out my food diaries etc but I have a little problem.

When I did Slimming World once before, i only did it for a couple of months and found that I was getting the most awful migranes, when I hadnt suffered from them in years. I came off SW and havent suffered since (touch wood!!) and upon doing some research, I have found that the most likely cause was having too much sugar substitute and too many things with artificial sweetener in, like the muller light yogurts!!!

Now, I have a REALLY sweet tooth and although I know I can use Syns for chocolate, somedays there arent enough Syns left and I know that if I force myself to cut out too much sweet then I wont stick to the diet as I will be miserable!!

I tried fruit as an alternative but dont really enjoy eating it just as it is and if I try to make it into a pudding, the receipe always calls for more SUGAR!!

Please please can anyone give me some ideas as to how I can stick to Slimming World without using artificial sweetener. I really want to make 2011 the year I (finally) lose the weight I need and dont want to get horrible migranes anymore!! (I get the really bad ones where my vision goes blurred and my head screams in pain!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!)

I hope that aswell as getting some great advice on here, I get to make some great friends too.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

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Hi there! Just trying to think what I have that has artificial sweetners in. Only things that spring to mind are muller light yogurts and diet coke. Both which you can do without on the diet.

I do suffer from the occasional migraine but have not had one since I started SW in September.

With regards to the chocolate (yes it is hard lol) I satisfy my cravings for this with choc and orange/mint choc Hi fi bars and Alpen lights (HEXB). If you use these as your hex's then you still have syns left for chocolate if you need it.

Sure you can find away round the plans to fit what you need. Maybe just start some planning now and stock up on hi-fi's, alpen lights ready for the New Year.

Good luck! x


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Thankfully i am not a chocolatey person , More savory appeals to me... have you thought of maybe hot chocolate.. Options? Highlights? can get them in numerous flavours and majority are like 2 syns? Would that not curb your sweet tooth?? xxx


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Hey, it can be done. I'm the worlds worst chocoholic but I absolutely refuse to eat sweeteners. I'm still managing (well I was! I got ill for a couple of months and not on plan at time, but when I was on plan, and now I'm back on plan, I lose weight easily!)

Hot tips if you're avoiding sweetener:
Organic fat free yogurts. They're not allowed to use sweetener, and most are 1 syn each. Yeo valley are just relaunching and their fat free vanilla or blueberry are gorgeous and 1 syn each. I found their fat free toffee in ASDA the other day; absolutely lush and 1 1/2 syns.

Kellogs fibre plus bars are HEB and are really chocolatey.

I keep in matchmakers as well. 1syn each and they do satisfy my chocolate craving.

Options/highlights all have sweetener. I found out a great cheat for hot chocolate by accident. I don't like milk, so use soya or rice milk, which is usually sweetened and counts as HEA. I had in Rice Dream with Hazelnut and Vanilla milk. I heated it up and added 1 tsp of cocoa powder and it was naturally sweet and chocolatey and only 1 syn to boot.

For puddings I use agave syrup, available in health stores or free from section of store. It's sweeter than sugar, so you need less, but is 1/2 syn per tsp, compared to 1 syn per tsp with normal sugar.

That said, if I get bad PMT, I tend to just have a chocolate binge, calculate the syns and knock it off the weeks total.

Hope that helps! Good luck!
Thanks for all your suggestions, I do already use the options hot chocolates but cannot have too many as they do already contain sweeteners. I love the idea of the alpen bars but didnt realise I could use then for a healthy extra. Will give this a go but any more suggestions would be so greatly appreciated.

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