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I need help!


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Hello everyone, well i am on Exante at present only been on it for nearly 2 weeks, but been thinking about what else i could do? I am using up old packs i had, and the time is coming that i have to order as new bumper pack. I know its the cheapest vlcd, but with being a student nurse, 2 kids, a huge vet bill, etc... me thinks i should try something else out. I dont really miss eating, and the weight is coming off well, but i am going back onto placement in a couple of weeks and know i would most prob move up to working solution then. So was thinking of Atkins. As i am already in ketosis, i believe i still start on induction phase? Do you think i will have a gain? I am going to go and try and find the book today so i can have a proper read, but what are the basic principles, less then 20g carbs a day? I have read through alot of posts and i am now confusing myself!!! Thankyou x x
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Read the sticky at the top of the Atkins home page here - 'so you're thinking of starting Atkins'. And yes get a copy of one of the books. Vital!

You may see a slight gain at first, or a STS, but this is normal. On the other hand some have still seen a slight loss the first week after the switchover because Exante and CD etc are around 60 carbs a day whereas Atkins Induction is 20g carbs a day, 15g of which should be green leafy vegetables.

I made the switch from CD years ago and despite being vegetarian I love Atkins and low-carbing in general. Good luck!


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Hi K8te! I moved over from Exante (I hadn't been following it closely for a while so wasn't in ketosis, but my carb level must have been really low as I was by the end of day 1), and have just finished my first week so I'll pass on the experience I've had in case it helps. Eating such a lot has taken some getting used to, as has using butter, oil, cream cheese (full fat!!!), etc. etc., but it's been great experimenting with cooking and eating again. There is loads you can have, but make sure you do stick to the foods and carb levels in the Sticky. I did feel really bloated for 4/5 days, a little constipated (nothing a senacot and daily doses of psyllium husk hasn't sorted :eek:), and a bit of "Atkins Flu", but seems to have stabilised now and I'm on a roll! This week I've lost 4.5lb, and an inch from my waist. My food spend has been quite steep, (Exante Bare-Cupboard Syndrome) but once all the staples are in I'm hoping it won't be so high next week! The benefit is that this is long-term, in fact way of eating for life (4 stages of Atkins), which helps you make proper choices about food, and you already know the benefits of ketosis (apart from the dog-breath).
Hope this helps, good luck with whatever you decide. If you do cross over, I've found there's lots of great advice and friendly support here :)
Bare cupboard syndrome! ha ha.

Yes your carbs would have been much lower than usual due to exante so getting into Atkins Induction ketosis happened reassuringly fast! Ketosis is wonderful. I am always surprised that more people don't follow Atkins or or low carb plans for the appetite-suppressing effect, alone! I crave carbs, particularly sweet ones; those are always my binge trigger foods. Once you've been low-carbing for a while trigger foods just don't call your name any more.

This is not to say that you won't ever fancy them, again! Temptation can and does strike but most Atkinsers agree that after a carb blowout it is a relief to get back to ketosis. It beats all the hoodia, thermogenics, herbal whatevers, you can name. And it is drug-free! ha ha.


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I crave carbs, particularly sweet ones; those are always my binge trigger foods. Once you've been low-carbing for a while trigger foods just don't call your name any more.
Me too :( Haven't actually craved carbs yet, but it's early days yet - I know it's still lurking! Not feeling hungry definitely helps, as does enjoying every meal and feeling satisfied. All good :) x


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If you like the shakes, you could always have a couple of the advantage ones (the tins are only £11 ish on boots.com), and then a low carb meal, and maybe a snack?


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Well i brought the book today and have read through the beginning of it, went to try and write out what my menu could be and just couldn't get my head into, like how do you manage to up the carbs to 20??? Could someone please put down a typical day menu on here so i could look at it please x x
Hi K8te!

Here are a few of examples of my 'typical day' food on Atkins.

- scrambled egg cooked with butter, a slice of smoked salmon or ham, and a few fried mushrooms
- fried egg, bacon, and sausage

- Salad with either chicken mayo, prawn mayo, or cold salmon fillet
- Homemade cream of mushroom soup
- Cheese ommlette

- Chicken cooked with garlic, mushrooms, and a TBSP cream, served with broccoli and cabbage
- Steak served with either salad or green veg
- Salmon, wrapped in foil with garlic, spring onion, coriander, ginger, and olive oil and baked in the oven. Served with salad leaves, cucumber, and 3 cherry tomatoes

I try to get all of my carbs from salad leaves and / or green veg. Occasionally have a couple of cherry tomatoes or some courgettes or aubergine.

For snacks I usually have olives, advocado, and cheese (which I try to limit - cheese especially can stall some people) or some cold meat.

I also try and drink plenty of water!

Hope this helps a little, and good luck!


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Good menus Emmster :)


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Hi K8te - good luck. If you take a look at some peoples diaries you can see the menus they are having. Have a look at the first few weeks in my diary - i rediscovered a joy in food on induction!

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