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    So end of my first week..

    last night I asked my counselor if I could go exchange my last four soups for shakes because I cannot stand the soups. My weigh day was today, but I got weighted after day 6 and I only lost 5lbs... and was so upset. I have never ever stuck to anything like this before - I have been so so good.

    This morning I woke up to me monthly's so perhaps that had something to do with it and this afternoon had a skinny latte, because I could not take anymore. Shall I skip a shake because of the coffee?

    I find my counselor about as inspirational as wet paint, I asked her about Ketosis and she had to look it up in a book, if it wasn't for you lot I would not have been able to do this, I have a horrid taste in my mouth, my head is banging and just feel like giving up... I feel like I could have starved myself all week and got the same result!

    Help me!!!!
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    Aww jo,
    Please don't give up. It is difficult to stop eating regular food but I promise that if you stick to it you WILL see good results. TOTM can make you water retentive so next week will probably be better for you.
    Just keep posting - this forum is a lifeline and we're all here for you and each other.
    Take care
  4. jojo2stone

    jojo2stone Member

    I have stopped eating, period - I only drink water - just water and I guess I am feeling a bit bewildered why I am not now a size 10 when my body just feels like its had enough, but without this forum I would have gone mad!
  5. Daisybank

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    5lbs - thats great, be pleased with yourself. Of course you can do it. The first week is quite hard but after that you will find it gets easier. Try to drink as much water as you can and that will help with the headaches. Not sure about the CD counsellor as I am on LT, could you find another one in your area? TOTM will effect weight and everyone varies by how much so dont worry too much.
    I hope you feel better tomorrow, you said you have been so good so far so you know you can continue. Dont think abouth the latte, dont beat yourself up about it - so what you had a latte. Its a new day tomorrow. I think this weight battle is won and lost in our heads (ooeeeer!!!) Bit of psychology there!

    Good luck and use this site for support, there is always someone around to talk to :)

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    In my first week I lost 5lb. The 2nd week I lost 9lb! and I don't have totm. Just wait and see, next week could be better. If not you could be one that loses 4-5lb a week, instead of 2-3. It's just how YOUR body gets rid of the fat. As for the headaches, 2 paracetamol, an early night and MORE WATER!:D
  7. Amber34

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    Don't be upset at 5lbs Jo. The same thing happened to me in week one as well (I lost 5.25lbs and was my TOTM) and the following week I lost another 5.75lbs - I'm sure that was partly water retention.

    You don't have a massive amount to lose (although it may feel a bit of a mountain to climb at the moment), but consider this, if you work out 5lbs as a percentage of your total left to lose (tries to do maths) you have lost 15% of your grand total (I think).

    You are also now in the 'elevens'!

    So chin up, and pat yourself on the back for getting through the first week.

    Onwards and downwards!
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