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I need some advice please xx

Hi , I am new on here and I will am going to see a cd counceller next monday.
I am getting married on 9/8/08. I have looked through a lot of the topics on here and loads of people have so well on cd, but I am just worried that it wont work for me.
I have got to be measured for my wedding dress on the 22nd jan and I would like to order the size smaller than what I am now. I have got 5 stone to lose between now and aug and I am just worried in case it doesnt work. It would be an absolute dream come true to be slim on my wedding day, am I just worrying for nothing, or is there a possibility the cd diet might not work. Has anyone heard of other members where it hasnt worked for them.
I would be greatful for any advice which anyone may have xx :eek:
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Hi love welcome to cd..

it will only not work if you dont stick to it..

losing 5 stone by august is a defo if you stick to it..

best of luck :D
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Hi, welcome to Minimins, and congratulations on your wedding!

I'm getting married in May, I ordered my dress in November when I was a size 20-22 - I have ordered a 14 as I refuse to be fat on my wedding day! I'm currently a 14-16 and hope to lose another 3 stone before the wedding so I'm confident the dress will fit!

Scientifically, if you stick to the diet there is no way it cannot work. You simply cannot live on 415 calories a day and not lose weight! However - if you don't stick to it, ie eat things lol, it won't work - just like any other diet. I've tried pretty much every diet around, WW, Slimming World etc, and only lost 1/2 - 1 lb a week, as you can see from my losses I'm having fantastic success on CD. You do need to be focussed for it to work, it's not a diet that you can do half heartedly, but with your wedding to aim for I'm sure you can do it - just think of your dream dress and how fantastic you'll look and feel!!!

Corinne x
Welcome! 5 Stone by august? No Problem.... just think if you ever get the urge to cheat, just think of how much those wedding photos are going to cost, so make the most of them.
Thanks for all your advice. I cannot wait to start cd now. I know it is going to be hard but it will be worth it in the end.
By the way you have all done so well, just looking at what people have acheived with their weight loss in in such a short amount of time is enough to get anyone on the right track. Keep going girlies and hopefully I too will be able to log down some good results like you ladies. xx


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agree with the others hun, if you stick to the diet you will have lost your 5 stone by the end of May. As with all diets, they only work if you stick to them so you need to be prepared to knuckle down this next week or so as your body gets used to the diet. The first days are hard but once you are in ketosis it will be much easier.

Also the diet will do wonders for your skin and hair and have you looking absolutely beautiful for your wedding day.

Wishing you the best of luck xx

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It is impossible not to lose 5 stone by August - well as Sam says, by May actually, if you stick to CD 100%. I too had the same worries when I first started, but if you're starting soon, you'll even see a huge difference by the end of the month. The weight loss that you see every week really gives you the biggest boost and spurs you on to keep going.

Unlike other diets, I find CD actually really rather easy. Once in Ketosis, I've never felt hungry. I fancy things sure, but I want to be slim and healthy so much more than I want to eat!!!! I don't have to think about food, wondering what to have for dinner (except for wondering what flavour soup to have!) Plus, as I said, when your clothes start falling off you and people start saying 'wow, you look great', there's no way that you would give up!

Good luck to you!


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Hi, you've got some great advice there and I've lost five stone exactly in 12 weeks so you'll fly it and be a teeny tiny skinny bride, order a small size or you'll look big because of all the tucks in your dress, xx welcome to cd xx
You can easily do it if you stick to it.

I lost 2lbs short of 6 st between 2/01/07 and 29/05/07. Just get through the first week and once in Ketosis you dont feel hungry and feel much better.

Just drink the water and the weight will fall off!

I spoke to the bridal shop yesterday as I was supposed to be having my measurements done. But over christmas I have put some weight on and they cancelled the appointment yesterday until 22nd jan. I asked if I could order the next size down but they are not to keen to do it. The problem is if I lose the rest of my weight and they order it in the size I am now they can only take it in two sizes. I am determined to lose the weight so I will have to do some pleading for them to order a size down.
I am really hoping that I do lose 5 stone by may that would be fab. I really appreciate all your great advice :eek:
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I am determined to lose the weight so I will have to do some pleading for them to order a size down.
TELL THEM, not plead with them to order a smaller size - who is paying a huge amount for the dress, you or them? You are the customer so they order what you tell them!

I was up for a fight when I ordered my dress but the girl in the shop was quite happy to order a smaller size, I must have had that look of determination on my face lol. I've found it an enormous source of inspiration knowing that dress is coming in a 14 - there is no way I'd be able to buy another bigger dress if it didn't fit :eek:

...Oh and if you are planning on losing 5 stone you need to be ordering more than just one size down...and another tip, if you get a dress that laces up the back it gives you a size either way, ie mine will fit a size 12-16 so you'll have a bit more room for maneuvre :D

Good luck with your CD, by the 22nd you'll have def lost some weight x

Corinne x
Does anyone know how many dress sizes you might go down when you lose 5 stone?
The dress I am getting has got a zip and then a corset back. Heres a pic of my dress

Confetti - Dress search results

The shop says that it can be taken in two sizes. I thought that if I order the next size down then it would make it 3 dress sizes. But I am not sure how many dress size to a stone. Thankyou for any advice.
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Hello, sorry i cant help you with your questions but i just want to say OMG your dress is absolutely gorgeous!!:eek:
OMG that dress is sooooooo beautiful, it truely is one of the best I've seen.

Like everyone else has said, 5 stone is soooooo doable. There's no way you won't lose 5 stone by then, as Sam said, you'll probably have it off well before your big day. (when I say have it off I do mean the weight by the way):D

When I was ordering my dress I did order a size smaller and the dress shop told me they could only alter it down 2 sizes at the most.

Apparently it's 10 - 14lbs per dress size. My dress had to be ordered 6 months in advance, do you know when the last date would be for you to order yours?? I just think that to order the dress just one size smaller is not enough. If you stick to CD and lose your 5 stone then the dress will be hanging off you, even with them taking it in. With all the details on the bodice and the shape of it I doubt they could go down more than the 2 sizes.

It's a tricky situation. I'd get in touch with the dress store and find out when the last order date is, you'll be at least 1 dress size down in a few weeks. I've seen some people lose a stone in their first week on CD so theres a dress size straight away:D:D exciting isnt it eh???

Hun, I wish you loads of luck, and I have to say that I am rather jealous of your beautiful dress. Your hubby to be will be knocked out when he sees you strutting your stuff down the isle in that stunner.

Best of luck on your cd journey hun

xx sj xx
That dress is absolutely fantastic....I can't wait to shop for mine, but I am not even supposed to be starting for 3 months - I having been checking out the web thou!

I aim to loose 5 stone - the last time I was my target weight I was a size 8, and am now a 16 - I dont know if that helps...:eek:


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Your dress is beautiful and as everyone else has said 5 stones is do-able. Keep your head in the right place, water is the important thing to this diet, so keep glugging and keep posting as there are tons of amazing, inspirational, fun, helpful people here on the journey too.


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I think keeping a photo of that dress with me at all times would give me the motivation, it is truly beautiful, you will look like a fairy princess!...

Stay focused and do not deviate a morsel, cos it is so hard getting back on track... do it first time!

Drink lots of water, 4-5litres! not just the 2.5... you can do this, and stay on here for support!

The first week is the hardest but boy have you got a goal to aim for!!!!


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