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i need some advice,what am I doing wrong?

Had fab weight loss first week 11 pounds it's been nearly a month now I'm following green as don't eat much meat average day is weetabix in the morning poached egg on toast for lunch jacket potato and beans with cheese as an a choice for dinner no snacks and drinks are Diet Coke and water I have over 10 stone to lose so why aren't I losing what am I doing wrong any advice would be appreciated thanks in advance
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@Tafflass1976 Where are your speed foods there? Where are your syns? These are vital parts of the plan and you should be using them in order to see a good loss. Are you going to group or going it alone?
I'm going it alone I can't go to class as I'm housebound bought a few books off eBay just trying to get to grips with it all thankyou for pointing out I need to be using the syns was trying not to use them as thought I'd get a better weight loss and as for speed foods I have to look at books again as haven't a clue thankyou once again x
Ok, sorry to hear you're housebound. It must be very difficult.

Let me see if I can help you with some of the basics.

Inside your book, there will be a list of Superfree foods. Every meal you have should be made up of at least 1/3 of these. For example, take your existing lunch and add cherry tomatoes or mushrooms. Does that make sense?

SW don't officially endorse the green plan anymore but it is a great plan that works for a lot of people, so stick with that if you're happy with it.

Speed foods are food that help you lose weight faster. Melon is my favourite of these! You should include some snacks made up of speed foods for best results.

How much do you weigh at the moment and I'll tell you your syns limit? You should absolutely include these. They are so important, and you can use them for things like oil or nuts or seeds - doesn't have to be on junk food. Mine usually are for junk food though haha x
I can't thank you enough for taking the time out to help me get to grips with this I really haven't got a clue what I'm doing lol.My starting weight was 27 st 4 that was on the 7 th of July I'm down now to 26 st 5 but seem to be stuck now even tho I feel I'm being good as eating no junk also my daughter is doing it with me and she hasn't a clue what sins she should be on either she is 19st 5 x
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It's no problem at all. There should be a few posts around here that further explain the basics. Also have a look at the meal planners on the Slimming World site and on Pinch of Nom for inspiration. These will be based on the extra easy plan rather than green, but once you understand the plan, you should be able to adapt it to work better for you.

You should be on 5 - 25 syns a day.
Your daughter should be on 5-20 syns a day.

When you are under 20 stone, your syns will be 5-20. When you're under 15 stone, they will be 5-15. You must use at least 5 a day.

Also you've lost like a stone in a month! That's not stuck at all! Just keep going. You will see better losses when you're eating more, believe it or not. You just need to eat more of the right foods x
Thankyou that's fab this has helped me so much enough about me how are you going on your SlimmingWorld journey you been doing it long how much have you lost ?
This is my third time doing Slimming World. I've only restarted about 3 and a half weeks ago. I've lost 11.5 pounds in my first 3 weeks this time around.

I've previously lost over 5 stone on it though, so I know how well it works! I'm gutted I gave up last time but doing my best now is all that really matters, and it should be the same for you!

Keep me posted on how you're getting on and I'll try to help with any other questions you might have.
Wow your doing well too I will keep you posted no doubt I'll have plenty of questions for you lol thankyou once again for being so helpful and actually taking the time to help me out it's very much appreciated enjoy the rest of your day and keep up the good work we be skinny Minnie's before we know it!!
Exactly! We all have to start somewhere. Even if you aren't losing as quickly as you would like, it's still coming off. When I'm not on Slimming World my weight just goes up and up and up. so I would rather be losing slowly than continuing to get bigger. How have you found this week?
I've had a good week being honest I've rarely felt hungry so I can't really complain,it was weigh day today and I'm down 15 pounds now so it is coming off steadily I'm just impatient lol it can't happen quick enough.i want some quality of life back since I've had all these medical conditions I've just ballooned don't recognise myself anymore and my mobility is crap which doesn't help but hey ho I'm here to fight another day .How have you been you had a good week?
That's really good! So that was 2 pounds this week was it? If you lose that every week, you'll have 8 stone off this time next year. That's a really amazing first month loss, particularly given that you're not exercising due to your restricted mobility.

I was 1.5 down this week, which isn't fast enough for my liking either but it averages out as a half stone a month, which is nothing to be sneezed at! Again, if I keep at that rate, I'll be at target within a year. I always try to look at it long term.

I've had a good week foodwise really. Been happy with my meals and full, been saving most of my syns for some snacks in the evening while I watch Celebrity Big Brother :D Doing my shop this evening so I'll be stocking up on food for the week. Have you tried any nice new recipes? I've found in the past that it's important not to get stuck in a food rut (where you eat the same things all the time) because 1 - you get bored and 2 - your body gets used to it and you lose weight slower.

I'm doing Fakeaway Chinese this evening, been looking forward to it all week!
I'm the same absolutely hooked on reality tv loved bb love island and now enjoying cbb lol ,we are trying the cheese and onion pasties tonight got the recipe off pinch of nom going to have one of those with a nice green leafy salad I'll let you know how they turn out,well done on your 1.5 weight loss hope you have a great week!
I love Pinch of Nom! They have some great recipes :) hope the pasties turned out nice for you! Try the baked oats (with 1 egg, not 2), they're lovely if you fancy something cakey.

Can't wait for CBB this evening! I just love the drama haha.

Best of luck to the week ahead to you too :)
hiya Laura been going well thanks eating more fruit and veg now so feeling full all the time lol looking forward to weigh day on Monday how have you been you had a good week ,,oh and while I remember if u haven't tried those pasties you must they are lush lol me and my daughter enjoyed x
How did weigh day go? Hope you were happy!

You seem much more in the swing of things :)

I'm not going to lie, I am a bit run down at the moment and fell off the wagon Friday night and all of Saturday. Still, picked myself back up and here I am. Plus being "bad" now is nothing like being "bad" 6 weeks ago :p
Im gutted being honest had a 3lb gain and all I've done different is gone from having one a and b choice to two and upped my sins as I was originally on 15 I feel really deflated now as felt I still was within the rules any advice ...I'm sorry you've been feeling rundown good on you for getting back too it u can't give up this time I won't let you lol !!!
Hey sweetie..
Just want to throw my bum in here and offer a few words. We started off at similar start weights (27 Stone 2lb) although my journey started back in January 2016... Jeez, that's a long 19/20 months lol!

When I first started group I had to get there via taxi or mobility scooter depending on pain levels. I have degenerative disc disease not related to my weight but due to past sailing career. Listing boats as a bubba thinking I was he woman or something. Along with horrific hip pain, they like to dislocate on me if I over do it. I was so glad I joined in winter and was able to park my scooter up outside and drive away as fast as humanly possible when group was over. I am now, however, walking the 1 mile to group and back... it takes me a fair amount of time still but I do move.Eventually.

Try not to give up hope, having so much to lose is freaking scary. I am very much in that boat with you, I refuse to look forward to target as it seems so far away I have always broken it down into half a stone blocks. 7lb seems a lot easier to aim for than 7/8/9/10 stone. Once I get there, I'm only a few lb away from the next aim.

I'm not one to pretend it's all rose petals and buttercups I have spent the last 8 months playing with the same 7lb because I've been messing around...(Practising for target) If you really want to do this you will. I would also suggest going with the Extra easy plan rather than green and red. It's far more balanced and more up to date research has gone into making it a really great plan to follow.

Stick to one A and one B choice... I don't wish to confuse you with other terms so honestly stick to one of each for a while and see how you fare. Remember to drink lots of water, not only will it force you to get up and go to the loo every 5 minutes but it will help flush your body and push for an extra loss. Bare with it, don't let a gain throw you off course else you'll just be back to square one xx
That's some great advice there from Jem.

So sorry you've had a gain and I can't really understand why either so it must be very frustrating for you :( One thing I did forget to ask, what are you using to weigh yourself? I ask as home scales can be out of calibration sometimes, particularly with those of us who are more heavy set (the battery was low in mine a while ago, it told me I was 8st 7lb hahaha). Are you weighing in the same clothes every week, at the same time of day, in the same spot in the house? Even the floor surface can make a difference.

Make sure you're getting your true weight when you weigh in. Do it in the same light clothes, first thing in the morning (since you're doing it at home) on a hard floor. Stick with the plan for the next month and see where you are at the end of that. You should have a good loss over a month and I'll be rooting for you the whole way!

Have you considered starting a food diary on here? I've thought about it but have been too lazy. Sometimes it's good as people can make suggestions, offer advice on swaps etc. and cheer you along. Knowing you're posting it up online can encourage people to make better choices.

I was 100% yesterday and have all my food prepped for today so am feeling a lot more positive now. Hopefully I'll see a loss this week but you just never know until you're on the scales really.

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