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I need some moral support! 100% on plan, gained 1.5lbs :(

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Ophycore, 3 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Ophycore

    Ophycore Member

    I joined SW 3 weeks ago. I had a holiday week in the middle but I worked really hard to stay on plan and when I got back and went to my first weigh in I lost 5lbs (over 2 weeks) I was so happy! This week I have been 100% on plan, no slip ups, no cheats. Nothing. I haven't specifically done any exercise but i've been on my feet almost all day everyday for the past 5 days.
    I went to work this morning, I had a Mullerlight & Banana for breakfast. I had the Italian chicken and tomato soup for lunch and a 1/2 syn Muller greek yoghurt for lunch. I did drink about 3 pints of water (I had work at 7am this morning) I went to weigh in and I had put on 1.5lbs. I have NO idea how. Im SURE I was on plan completely :( I was so gutted I started crying and went and hid. My family all lost 4, 4.5 and 5.5 and were all shocked because they know how hard I try. I spoke to my consultant and she said sometimes it does happen and then next week people usually lose more then they would generally. She was really nice and said she wouldn't say my gain to the group as I was so upset. as was another lady who said she had the same problem. I don't want to give up, I want to carry on giving it 100% because I really want to lose weight. But I feel so disheartened now. Weigh in always makes me nervous but now I feel even worse. I don't want to stay the weight I am, I want to lose weight. Can I get some moral support? Has anyone else had problems like this?

    I have given my food diary to my consultant to have a look at so I can't share it here but I hope either I have got everything right and it's just an unlucky week or she finds the solution!
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  3. Jael

    Jael Full Member

    It could be holiday catching up with you. Can take a while for that to show on scales. But could be anything. It sounds cliché but it's true:everyone's body reacts differently. Bodies take time to adjust. Sometimes they hold on to weight or water weight, the suddenly lose lots. Mine typically loses for three weeks, then gains around PMT week, then loses next week. I always hit plateaus as well, usually lasting several weeks, followed by a big loss. You will be different again.
    Giving up now will only result in you gaining back your remaining loss, it won't help and will make you feel a failure. You're doing really well. Pat yourself on the back for overcoming this upsetting hurdle. Then commit to stick to plan for at least another month. Find out how your body handles a change in diet.
    PS I gained half a stone over Xmas and was honestly only bad on Xmas day and New Year's Eve. But my body thought it would hold on to those pounds! It happens to us all
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  4. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

    Could it be time of the month hun? I gained 4.5lb a couple of weeks ago for no apparent reason except it was the week before my period. The following week I lost that 4.5lb again which is fine for me as I'm a target member. Sometimes our body just does weird things even though we've been 100% on plan. For example you could up your superfree but find that it leaves you bunged up and this shows on the scales. Or you up your exercise a lot but end up retaining fluid and seeing a gain. There are lots of things like this that can affect what the scales say but the only thing to do is put it behind you and keep your eye on the goal :)
  5. mumpsimus

    mumpsimus Full Member

    Oh I feel for you! Keep at it though, I'm sure you'll be offering support to those friends and family one day in the future when they have a disappointing weigh in and you've had a good loss. xx
  6. Ophycore

    Ophycore Member

    Thank you. yeah I was pretty good but I did go out for a few meals although I did try and pick the right food / syn appropriately but you can never tell. People did say it could be periods. I was on the pill and now have the implant and havent had a period for 2 years so I have no idea what my cycle is / would be but I might make a note of this week and see if it happens again. I have paid for 12 weeks so I'm determind to stick it out, I'm just a little bummed out. I just get so nervous for weigh in and if it happened again next week I have no idea what I would do! Bodies are weird!
  7. Ophycore

    Ophycore Member

    Possibly, I have the implant so I don't have periods so I have no idea when it might occur (I think the process still happens to an extent even on the pill/implant etc) That could be it aswell! I am eating alot of eggs and I always find they cause my problems in that dept. I have IBS so my body is already ridiculous and loves going to extremes. I did (I know I shouldnt) get on my scales this morning as I know they match the SW ones perfectly. and I was 13st13.8 but last night I weighed i at 14st1.5 so it could of been to do with something I ate or did yesterday / sunday! but Having seen that I do feel a little better. Im just going to keep going, I want to try and do some success express days too. Thank you for your comments <3

    Thank you so much! I refuse to give up. I'd rather put weight on a few times but still be going and getting support and someone trying to fix it then sitting at home eating crap and feeling sorry for myself! My mum was lovely, she said if she could she would give up her 5lbs and give them to be because I worked so hard!
  8. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    Just keep going hun - next week I bet you have a lovely loss! And then look at your weight loss over 4 weeks, and 8 weeks. The averaging out of the pounds is the main thing - you will lose on SW, the plan works and you get to eat loads of lovely food.
    Good luck (not that you need it - you do sound very focused) x

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