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you've done it before you CAN do it again, i did lipotrim nearly 4 years ago over that 4 years iv put on a stone and a half all my fault over indulging at xmas and holidays, iv decided to try cambridge this time the shakes and bars are nicer found week one tough had a bit of food but still managed to lose nearly 7lbs!
you can do it hun i know its hard i think support is a big factor if your not getting it at home your certainly get it here
good luck xx
Hey hun, I've just started cd today. It's my first time doing it and I've got around 3 and half stone to lose. If you put your mind to it you CAN do it! That's what I keep telling myself. If you need support or someone to talk to along the way, I'm
Here :) good luck hun x

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I ♥ CD !!
yes hun l've started back on cd also on my 5th day you come on here when you feel your struggling everyone is vert supportive of each other you will have that weight off in no time :D:D


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You can do it!! uve done it once before, you will be fine,, you know it works! just do it, take it one step at a time..and dont listen to what other people have to say! good luck hun x


this time - the last time
Keep at it.

This site is great...always supporting people here whenever you need extra support.

I had my week 8 WI tonight and have lost 2st 6lb - so it won't take you long!
Im lucky my family are very supportive, there seeing how happy the weight loss is making me, some of my friends however still dont no im doing the diet (its been 8 weeks lol). Best of luck!! I have lost 2stone 4lbs in 8 weeks :) x it will fly off of u!
you can do it again. just visualise how wonderful you'll look on your wedding day. i wish i'd known about cd before i got married :):)

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