i need support!!!


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Hey hun, Im not on msn but im sure myself and many people on here will help you through your first week xx Im on nights from tonight but will come and look for you hun to see if you need some support. Well done for getting back on the horse you know that you can do this as you have done so well in the past xx


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I'm not on msn either,but am more than happy to give you any support you may need here on minimins...well done for coming back,& well done for getting through yesterday,just stay strong for the next few days & you will be fine.Good luck!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Caz xx


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Hey hun, I'm not on MSN either but it's my day 2 today also although this is the first time I have done LT, I have done CD before though (but only ever got to day 12)


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Hi - I'm on hotmail- is that the same? - Well I'm sure we'll all support u on here , I'm on like tenth time trying to get back on it after 4 weeks of re attempting but I'm now on day 2 and hoping I can stick to it! i'M SURE WE CAN SUPPORT EACH OTHER - good luck !!!


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Hiya hun, I am on msn as well. I am sure like everyone else around here we will defintely offer ya all the support that ya need and dont be worrying we are all in the same boat. I will defintely look ya up and if ya are around anytime just send me an email I will gladly answer it. Good luck hunny, take care


Hi Newlifenow. I have also just started back and am on day two! I just got myself to a chemist today and weigh in at 13.98 so similar starting weights. I just hope i do as well as you have done already! Keep the motivation and determination going! x


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Stick on here woman, we all get each other through it. You'll be fine, you've done it before so you know you have it in you.