i need to get a grip with this


HI guys and girls,
I posted a few times over the last few months and just want to ask has anyone else really struggled to do this when taking antidepressants. I've been on them for 2-3 months and put on 28 pounds vary rapidly :( I desperately want to lose this weight and a little more to get to my goal.
I find that i'm getting carb cravings an strugglin to stomach the packs sometimes.
I'm trying again today and am going to split packs and go to bed as early as possible. I am going to brave the scales this morning. 21 days til xmas and i would love to lose more than a stone.
Advice greatly received. I really want this.
Mel x
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Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Mel, sorry to hear your having probs, can't offer any advice re antidepressants hopefully someone else will come along to answer your question. Good luck for sticking with it and that stone will be off in no time!