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I need to get something off my chest

Hi everyone

I started my slimming world diet two days ago and on day two I failed miserably. I had previously been on a vlcd and my diet consisted of mainly meat, fish and chicken.:cry:

Last week I woke up one morning and I couldn't face any more meat or chicken or fish. The thought of it made me feel sick.

I was at church last night and all I could think about during the service was a big fat cheese burger and chips. All the way through the service I kid you not.

Any way what did I do? Buy on the way home? Yes you guessed it.

I will say that as soon as I had ate it I felt icky and terrible and guilty and all the other emotions that we have. I spent most of the night crying with shame. One reason was because I had eat the burger (which I have been thinking alot about animal cruelty lately) and two because I had broken my diet on day two.

I will say that I have got up this morning feeling alot better though and I am back. I am continuing with the SW plan.

I had to get that off my chest, hope you don't mind.:break_diet:

regards xx
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Mother Annie says you are forgiven my child LOL.

Seriously though, it's done and dusted, forget about it and carry on with the SW plan. Chuck the emotions in the bin, you can't undo it now so you have to move on from it and accept it happened.

Just don't do it again ;)
Its going to take a little while for you to adjust after coming off another diet Hun, but the idea with SW is that you dont have to go without. You could have made your own cheese burger in a bread roll - ok it would have tasted the same, but think - less grease, no feelings of ill and guilt and you would be loosing weight.
As Annie has said, put it behind you, move on and you will be fine...you may even loose weight this week still.
Plan what you are going to have to eat and stick to it without the deviation! If it helps, have a look at the Food Diaries section to give you some ideas, even the recipes.

Dont beat yourself up over it, just get back on the plan!

Thanks for the post sherby. This site is so good for support and encouragement.
And don't let the burger get you down!! If you're going to eat something yummy fat and greasy enjoy it!! And then get back on the diet the next day!!
Animal cruelty wise ... make up for it by giving some money to an animal charity and find burgers that don't make you feel so guilty. Make your own maybe! At least you'll know where the meat has come from!!!
Good luck for your SW fresh start!!
Thanks Mrs V. I will say I am quite shocked at the speedy responses. Maybe I should have come on here last night before I ate the you know what lol.

Thankx xx


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Dont beat yourself up - i've had a terrible weekend and eaten all sorts, but we just have to put it behind us and look at it as a minor slip up. It was only once, you arent eating cheeseburgers everyday - and you are sticking to sw. You will be fine, its difficult to adjust to a new diet, once you do it it will be great. We all slip up from time to time and crave things, as long as its not all the time its fine! :)
And you should make the sw burgers - they are to die for!!


I am one of the 63336
Hi Sherby

There's very little I can add to what the others have had. Just draw a line under it and carry on. One burger in the whole scheme of things isn't going to ruin things.

I am going to draw a line with you as I had a Chinese on Friday night and had LOADS of chocolate yesterday. I have a huge spot erupted on my face whereas my skin has been good since starting SW so - here we go!!


Two lines, 1 for you and 1 for me x


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi there, please don't beat yourself up over the burger and chips. You are changing your way of eating for life, and sometimes the bad stuff gets the better of us but instead of letting it start you on a downward spiral just draw a line and move on. It is better to have one bad day, then get back on track than to have lots of bad days. I had a bad weekend after 4 perfect weeks but back on the straight and narrow today. Good luck with the rest of your weightloss journey x
we all ahve hiccups but especially when coming from a vlcd you need to accept food is not the enemy its something to be enjoyed so if you do fancy something again, syn it, thats the freedom of sw. definitly dont beat yourself up over it, its done, take control, read your sw book and start afresh. hope your feeling better about it now


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I had fish and chips last week, I had a real craving, but I didn't even enjoy it very much. We all do it now and then, don't worry. I actually prefer the Sainsbury's bgty fish in breadcrumbs now (never thought I'd say that) and it's only 5 syns. I made some lovely burgers on Saturday which had grated potato, herbs and onion in and they were syn free on the EE plan.

Good luck, you can do it now you've got that out of your system!

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