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i need to get to it!


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:eek:So holiday is over and the milestone to get into last years holiday clothesd as been and gone, but now i'm actually looking forward long term and its scary! Was so much easier having a holiday there and focusing on that stone!

i went to weigh in last night despite saying I wasn't - better than I thought gained 1lb and not the 3lb i thought which takes me 0.5lb under my st award i got last time went, dont sound bad but now takes me to losing 13.5lb in 8 weeks! which is rubbish! :8855:

so now i've got to kick myself up bum and be consistant (i tend to have good week bad week etc) but i want good good good from now on! so i'm going to try experimenting with foods again!

going to keep looking in team section see if any new ones open for small goals so not looking at big loss i need!

thankyou reading my rant lol
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Alomst there :)
13.5lb's in 8 weeks is most certainly not rubbish!!! What would have happened if you hadn't lost that 13.5lb in that 8 weeks? Maybe you would have put almost as much on?

You're doing a great job, it can be hard to be good all of the time, so don't beat yourself up if you fall of the wagon every now and again. Stay focussed and keep your goal in mind and watch those numbers go down. It doesn't matter how quickly, or slowly, it comes off - just that it does! x


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Thankyou, your right i probaby would had been buying size 20 holiday clothes instead getting back into my 16's!!
I guess i'm just comparing weight losses to what 'most' get. If i had been consistant up until now i most certainly would had lost more so thats why that amount feels rubbish to myself, if someone else had lost that I would had thought brilliant!

thankyou x


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I've only lost that in 20-odd weeks, so don't you go thinking that you're losing slowly!!

If you haven't seen a challenge you like the look of, why not start your own? :D


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Not bad for going away on holidays and glad to see you are back on track. I'm also looking for new recipes and ideas to stay on track :)


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:) i started my own thankyou for advice and well done on your own weight losses :)

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