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I need to know.

So long as you don't make a habit of it, you'll be fine.

1 missed pack isn't going to affect you, but if you spent more than a couple of days not having all of them then you will be moving into the initial stages of malnutrition, eventually leading to starvation mode where you won't lose weight.

But yeah, if you just accidentally missed one than don't worry about it :)
ive done that a couple of times when I've ended up waking up late etc... and it didnt really make a difference. but obviously it is important to have all 3 shakes.

Santa in disguise!!! i've been looking for you! u missed my house !!!!!!
I did it once on my first week sure its not going to hurt the overall effect if its a one off.
hi Loulouless - did you really lose a stone in a week! ?thats great!

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Loulouless has definately lost 14lbs in one week, my sister. I lost 9lbs which really helped along the way.XX
this board is so inspiring! I can't wait to start LT now!
This saturday - hopefully. I am fed up of my weight affecting my health - i had to have to goes on my inhaler after an afternoon shopping :cry:
aww... i know the feeling hun. i have PCOS and it has been a nightmare so i really wanna shed all this weight soon coz i need a healthier me asap! good luck and i am sure you will be just fine. you have made a great choice in joining LT and make sure you keep popping into the forum coz it really helps to keep you focused and plus you know that theres a hell of a lot of people in the LT boat with you!... x
when i got weighed last Tuesday I got to my car and sat their thinking...nah a stone omg! hehe not so much this week but a few pounds off is all i need its heading in the right direction!...good luck purple!
I know how you feel Perfect Orchid, I was giving diet tips to people size 10 and 8, and thinking they are slim and I am obese...this is the wrong way round! I know what I need to do, its just doing it!

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When I started lipotrim I was disappointed with 9lbs the first week, I wanted 10! Then one week I only lost 3lb, but after 2 1/2 months looked back and had lost 3 stone!!! The time does go quickly and now think what I had a problem with 3lb, I must of been mad.XX


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If you miss one packet that is fine, but if you make a habit of it...thinking you'll lose weight quicker, you will do your body damage. The three packs have everything the body needs to live. It is a controlled starvation diet, but if you regularly miss packs then you will just be literally starving your body. Its not a problem as a one off....I suppose you can be ill and not eat for days, but over a prolonged period, you would do your body damage hun.
I think it is all too easy not to have all 3 shakes as you stop feeling hunger as such, but it is something that we all must do in order to maintain vitamins and to stop bodies going into starvation mode..
so just keep chugging them down ...:p

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