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I need to stop eating all the time!!

I worry as all I want to do is eat... even just after I have eaten a big dinner. I never used to eat this much and for me I think it was when i started slimming world over a year ago, I wasnt loosing weight and they kept on telling me I wasnt eating enough as all i would eat is 3 meals a day. So this is when the snacking started originally it was fruit but then when i stopped that diet it progressed to eating other things as I was used to eating at these times. And now i want to snack all the time and im not liking it!! How do I stop myself from wanting to eat all the time? Does anyone have any ideas how to stop feeling like this? I am drinking more water and I am staying within my pro points but every day im thinking of what i can eat next!!
Anyway thanks for listening :)
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You can snack on fruit for free and veg well most fruit. You also need to remember you have got your weeklies as well.
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Don't keep 'bad snacks' in your house/work. It's really that simple. And if you can't resist buying them at the supermarket, order your groceries online and ask a friend/partner/parent to 'approve' your shopping list to make sure you haven't sneaked in anything that would be an unfair temptation.


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Try setting a time for when you are next going to eat, eg your next meal or mid morning snack etc and try and hold out until then. You could start with a short time like go for an hour without eating and then go onto two hours etc. You will probably feel uncomfortable not giving into your urge to constantly nibble, but this is a habit you have picked up and there isn't an easy way to break it if that is what you want to do x
Thanks guys... I need to start getting some zero point snacks like carrots and tomatoes or something like that! but I think your right pudnpie I think if I set out the times in the day that I will eat and in between those time I need to stay strong and get out of the eating habit! I have done so well so far with WW and Im still determined to get to my goal weight which is just over another stone and a half!! Thanks all for your ideas... hopefully soon enough I will be writing on here that i dont want to eat all the time!!


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Keep at it misshelpme, we're all rooting for you!!

It's hard to break these habits but give yourself time. It's not stressed enough that we didn't put this weight on overnight, nor did we develop these habits overnight, so neither of them will be solved instantly. Keep trucking along and we'll all be here as a support network xx


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Next time you feel hungry and want to snack have a glass of water first. It will fill you up then you may not need to snack. I think that when I was doing SW I never used to get that proper hungry feeling so I am sure my metabolism was really slow. Now my tummy rumbles before a meal to show I really need it. I feel much more in control of my eating on WW.
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I am a big snacker. I try snack on fruit or carrot sticks.

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