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I need your help please (lunches)


I will succeed!!!
Without repeating too much of my last post, I've not been 100% focused on SW of late with one thing or another. I've been going to class and not gained (in fact I am STS or losing) but I am lacking the go-get-em I once did.

So, I am planning a total overhaul of my SW approach and wanted to pick your brains over LUNCH ideas.

We have a large canteen at work, and I usually get a salad or jacket spud there if I don't take lunch in with me.

I want to aim to taking lunch 4days out of five but I'm in a rut of taking salads in atm as it's quick and easy.

What cunning ideas do you all have to help spruce up my lunchbox? I think the routine I got into recently is why I am feeling a bit meh.

Thanks xoxox
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Hey Sticky - are you able to heat things up at work, or does it need to be something you can eat cold?
Make a bacon omelette and heat it up at lunch time? The other thing I used to take out is the SW bacon no pastry quiche. It's in the recipe thread somewhere. Cottage cheese, eggs and bacon and syn free. You can eat it hot or cold.


I will succeed!!!
We have access to a toaster and microwave and hot water - any ideas for red and green days.

Soups are always good - I make a nice red pepper and tomato soup...must try to get back onto basics like this lol!
I'm a big fan of leftovers, whatever I have for dinner the night before is great the next day - just make a bit more!

Soups are fab - I make minestrone and pack it full of veg, beans and pasta, really filling and free on green and you don't need bread with it as it's so chunky!

I'm bored of salad now too so I've been having omelettes but many years ago, when I did atkins, I used to make scrambled eggs with bacon, chopped sausage (low fat now!) and mushrooms in. I'd ping it at work and it was yummy!


I will succeed!!!
Thanks everyone. Omlettes is a new one - never thought of taking cold omlette with me - and my OH makes a YUMMY green day spanish omlette!

Leftovers - we keep if we have some but the OH usually pinches them as he works through lunch at his desk...but great idea. Will start making extras of meals that will keep over night.

I'm going to plan my next 3 weeks (!) and get myself sorted. I really am poo atm lol xxx
I'm also a fan of leftover lunches! As you can heat things up, you could make extra pasta & veggie tomato sauce or savoury vegetable rice, lasagne/ veg chilli etc.
If you break up low fat supernoodles into a flask and add the right amount of boiling water, they are nicely 'done' by lunch- same with cous cous and mugshots

Get 2 large tupperware pots (2 so you and bf both have leftovers to take) and make your evening meal for 4- when you serve up your dinner, serve it in the pots at the same time too- put the lids on and there there isn't the temptation later on to 'pick' at them until there is nothing left.


Andy R.

Time for a change
i had the same problem got to the point were i was eating jacket spuds and couscous everyday, i try to break it up now. mug shots are a must, so quick and simple, and most of them are free. SW quiches or omlettes with a tin of beans. do u ever have red or EE days? i like a morrisons extra tasty chicken now and again, always filling. this week i made the bacon and butternut squash risotto from the EE cook book, that'll do for a couple of work lunches too :)
hi their sticky,
well since being on sw ive tired to take packed lunch everyday and made it a must to prepare this the night b4 when im doing my childrens packed lunches, i do alot of ee days- and take pasta, with cucumber diced,lettuce diced,onion, tuna or chicken and a dash of ex-l-salad cream!! and a yoghurt or savoury rice with mixed veg mixed in, that way i get plenty of super free or free foods in the day and keep fuller for longer heheh-hope this helps
laura x