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I re started monday, anyone want to.....



likes to post
I'll join you. I've never really stopped, but I have been messing about for weeks and have had numerous restarts, but always end up failing, I only need to lose about another 10-14 lbs so you think it would be easy but its not. I restarted last Saturday, but had a couple of blips, then last night as I received some bad news about a close friend, which sent me diving into some chocolate. Got to re focus as from today.
I will definately join you. Got 3st 11lb to lose, going away end Sep/beginning Oct so eally want it off by then if poss. Only on day 3 but going strong!


Losing is the ONLY option
I am a re-starter and I really need a kick up the bum to get out of this cycle. Starting today again. Would love you join you guys.
Welcome!! We need a name, and a thread for us! Anyone else is more than welcome.

So what shall we be called?? Clean ones only ;)
Hi ya,

Just a couple of ideas for name:

Slinky Minkies
Weightloss Wonders
Vicky's Vixens
Sultry Slimmers

Anyone else got any ideas yet?


Losing is the ONLY option
Ravishing Returners?

my two pennys worth :)
I love them all!! :D

Back soon, am still going strong x


Still Climbing That Hill!
I'll jump aboard i have a lot too lose but if it's an 8 week challenge I'll have to go for two stone.
I like that, Never Nibblers is a good one!
Im loving sultry slimmers and never nibblers, which one shall we have??

Shall we do a month at a time?? remember, its not a race, just make sure we are on track all the time.

And where do you want the thread, in here, or in Normal CD??

We can post if we are feeling brill, or bab, up or down, and we can all help each other.

Get me, Im a bit giddy now :D
I'm quite liking Never Nibblers. I think a month at a time would be fine, don't want to think too far ahead!!

Should we put our thread into "CD Teams"?

I think this will help loads, already had my 3 shakes for today, this evenings gonna be torture, be a few fizzy waters for me I think to fill me up.
|I could eat the bloody computer table right now, arghhh!! (LOL)

Im not sure about teams, just coz its quite hard work, can only have 6 to a team, and must do results on certain days, basically Im crap at getting my head round it :D

So, dont mind teams, as long as we have an appointed leader, (not me!!) no more than 6 people.

Or Just do a buddy thread here or cd where we all post our weigh ins and have a good old natter, and whip some butt to keep us on track!
OK Vicky, i'm up for that.


A pound at a time
How would you all feel about just a good buddy group here. We can still give ourselves a name and do a monthly goals type thing. I can't really do a team thing cause in Kuwait I'm on my own with the weigh ins. I have to weigh myself at Boots.
Yeah, i'm cool with that, as I posted earlier I like your idea of Never Nibblers!!! I would like to do some kind of monthly targets or something to keep me on track!
Ok, so we start a never nibblers, in here, with the aim of the next stone mission, 1 stone to lose by the 19th of July. we can post what we have lost on to the thread, and have loads of support to keep us at it, then we are not looking too far ahead with the intention not to sabbotage or fall at the first hurdle

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