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I really need help!

As some of you probably know I switched to CD yesterday. Probably a big mistake I think! Seriously! Its too bloody hard!

I never really did slimfast before. I came on here to see what it was about and found you all such a lovely bunch that I started to post here.

Can someone explain to me slimfast exactly and what to do and what the losses are like?

Also has anyone done CD too that can give an opinion?

Im sooooo bloody confused now!
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Hi! Slimfast is basically a shake for breakfast and lunch and then a 600 calorie dinner. You can then also have 2 100 calorie snacks and some people also have an after dinner treat like a slimfast bar.
I did W8 which is pretty much the same as CD. 3 mealpacks a day.
I couldn't handle W8 as I wasn't eating anything else but slimfast is so similar and I am finding it fine. I started on Tuesday and by Thursday I had lost 4lbs! I think, if you want to CD then doing SF for a while first is a good idea as it gets you used to eating less.
When I did W8, I last 4 days and I was cheating! I lost 7lbs. They are quick losseds but I definately think you should try SF first and then move to CD. That's what I am considering doing if I plateau.
Big girl can i ask if youve lost your weight so far with slimfast then? how long has it taken you?


I only started SF for the first time on Tuesday so so far it is 4lbs. All I have for the day is the 2 shakes, a piece of fruit when I get home and a ready meal for dinner (I'm lazy!). The ready meals are around 400 cals and TBH I feel full afterwards. Oh, and I have LOTS of water throughout the day. I definately think it is worth a try for you if not for the fact that you can eat then the fact that it is cheaper! Maybe try for a month and then move to CD as I can see that you want to lose the weight quickly.
My weight loss is from W8, SW and now SF so it's varied!
I predict that in a full week I will have lost 7lbs.


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All my weight loss has been on SF. I haven't stick to it all the time and more recently I have had the odd weekend off. But the only problem I found with SF was the first few days, but after that I was fine and I don't really think about it now. I have been on it since the begining of November last year.

Funny, I was thinking of doing CD to shift the last bit, but I was told it was expensive. Is it?
Okay. I've never done CD but i did lose 3 stone on LL a couple of years ago. I'll be totally honest and tell you the first 2 weeks were hell! I even cried at some points but once those 2 weeks were over i never felt hungry and everything was fine. I lost a stone in 2 weeks. One woman lost 15lbs in her first week. If i could afford to go back on LL i would but since my funds are limited i'm trying SF.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do but if i was you i wouldn't give up on CD just yet. You never know it might grow on you.


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hi hun, i have tried cd in the past (just one of many lol) and it was bloody hard! i think i was so up for losing weight that i stuck it for several weeks but eventually not eating anything:eek: did me in. that coupled with the expense made me stop.

personally i have found this to be the right diet for me, 1. as i am basically lazy :copon:i didn't want to have to work out what i could or couldn't eat which is why sf is perfect as its all set out for me. i don't need to think, even for the evening meal i buy ready meals bulked up with salad or veg. see it is so easy plus you can eat!

i think if you can manage to do cd and don't mind the expense or lack of food then it will give you the quick result you want, sf seems to be slow and steady but with the plus side of eating :D

hope this helps x


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Hi scary, Hope your feeling a little better now. I have been reading a lot about cd as i am always thinking about doing it ( due to the fast loss) i have read that it is very hard for the first few days but once ur in Ketosis you shouldn't feel hungry and your mood will also be affect by this and give u a happy energetic feeling. Like you i want to lose weight fast and diets like CD and LT are not nice but they do guarantee a fast loss if you can stick it out. I think you should give this first week your all and see how you feel after your first wi, maybe the results will out weigh your pain at the moment.

SF is a very easy diet to follow and if you stick to it you can have a loss of about 2-3lbs a week.
Thank you all so much for your replies. I think I need to have a long and hard think about what to do.

Yes I do want the weight gone yesterday but I dont want to be even more miserable by trying to do such a restrictive diet that dosent taste at all nice. Slimfast actually tastes ok! CD definately dosent! Plus I cant really justify spending €60 on something that I really dont want to do.

Im trying to weigh up the pros and cons of ww and sf at the moment..... i have 20 weeks to my wedding so if i did weight watchers i could loose about 20lbs maybe a little more....with slim fast i could loose what double that?

Im afriad that if i did weight watchers and lost the 20lbs that on my wedding day i would still really regret not doing something more drastic.

Sorry Im waffling a bit now....
I have no experience on CD, but like you say it seems very restrictive and expensive to boot! If I was you I'd try slimfast, the shakes are lovely and you get variety in your snacks and main meal. It also makes you feel like you're not missing out. Yep I'm sure you could lose more than 20lbs on SF if you stuck to the plan. It does work.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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