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I really need to get with it !!!

Why don't you make a scrap book and stick in pictures of how you are now, leave a space for a picture of how you'll be when you reach your target. And stick pictures out of catalogs of clothes you would like to wear etc, and whenever your feeling bad get it out and have a look at it.... you could even stick your certificates that you get when you get awards in it.


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It's tricky isn't it. The main thing is to get motivated in your head, and I think it can be harder when you don't have much to lose. Get some of your slimmer photos out and stick them on the fridge. Good luck x


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Are you going to class? I can't stick to it for long on my own. I need face to face support as well as this forum.
Take a favourite piece of clothing, try it on and hang it on the front of your wardrobe to remind you of why you want to do this. Keep a diary, PLAN! Don't buy your red light foods! If you have a partner and they eat them, get them to hide them away! (work or the car boot is best!) and they mustn't ask you if you want any!
I get OH to take a photo of me each month so I have a record of the changes, and yes all the excellent tips everyone else has given you. But YOU really must want to do it, there is no magic wand.
I have moments when I blow it and hit that self destruct button so I am trying to control that and it is harder than what I thought but I do a menu each week and shop for that then make my meals and at home its ok it is when I am out that I fall to bits so need to be more in control of that and train my brain to make the wise choices not just whatever I fancy, easier said than done at times though. I do find going to class helps though as you can get things off your chest and get advice from others who have been there and how they got over the hurdles. One lady said she had her fat photo on fridge but that was no good when out so now she puts in handbag and every time she reaches for purse to buy naughty stuff its there looking at her and it keeps her in check, I am going to get hubby to print one for me and try that and even get one for his wallet for times he is paying lol.
Thanks for the replies !!!
ive just had a tidy up and put some clothes away :D and am reminded of some lovely clothes i have that i could fit into if i get myself into gear !!!
so will start again with a clean slate and really crack on with it .
am thinking of joining a class as well and will buy a 12 week countdown ,
I hate wasting money lol , so that will encourage me to attend .
I'm stuck in the same place as you Janiebaby. Am so cross with myself - had lost weight and got down to a 'proper' size 10. THEN end of term came along with the usual staffroom treats to tempt me. Then I went to Germany, then stopped smoking, then went to stay with my dad in Portugal. Each of these thing have added a bit on, and now all those bit add up to a whole stone!!! How bloody stupid am I?! For the last week and a half I've been using the Wiifit every day and even went for a run yesterday. NOT A SINGLE POUND OFF! Sigh!
Feel like giving up before have even started.

Well, good luck - I hope you're feeling more moivated than me!

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