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I really struggle with exercise.


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I used to LOVE going to aerobics last year but since I stopped the weight has piled on. I really want to get back on it and there is a legs, bums and tums class on at the gym tomorrow...but I'm really scared to go back. I know it's silly but even after 5 minutes of exercise I am exhausted, I have a stitch, bright red face and sweating buckets (sorry, TMI!).

I know people said walking is the best exercise ever but I have the same problem again, I am usually so sweaty and exhausted that after minutes I've had enough.

Anyone care to inspire me? :D
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i am usually the same but I decided that I needed a kick up the butt so I bought a exercise bike this week and I have plonked it in the living room (thankfully we have quite a large room) and so far I have been enjoying building up times in front of the telly!!!! I also got an annual pass to my local forrest park and I'm gonna walk around it as much as I can so I can get fit and my kids get to feed the chickens, duck and little lambs (they have a bit of a petting area with animals)all the fruit loaf my granda insists on giving me even though he a) knows I hate it and b) that I am on a diet.

I hope that this helps give you some motivation hun. Keep up the good work!!

Ps the davina mccall super fit dvd is great and hard so will build your fitness! If I can do it anyone can!!!
I posted this elsewhere on the forum a while ago so thought I'd paste it here, it saves writing it all out again. I've changed it a little as I'm not quite so pathetic anymore lol.

Two years ago my husband bought me membership at JJB for my birthday, this wasn't some dreadful hint from him but he knew I'd like to go swimming again and couldn't face the public pools. The first day I sat in the car for about 2 hours stuffing my face as I watched all these slim fit people walking in and out and I couldn't find the courage to go in. I told myself I'd go tomorrow and it would be different. About a week later I decided sitting in the car was just ridiculous but I was sure the stares and whispered comments would be too much to deal with and gave myself the excuse that if I felt uncomfortable on the first day then I'd never return.

I was very surprised. Sure people glanced, that's human nature when you see a 33 stone woman heave herself into a swimming costume and get in the pool but it was nothing more than I get going shopping or where ever so I swam as long as I could, it wasn't alot at that point and then stood in the pool wondering how I could get out without people noticing lol but it was so quiet during the day there were few people around and I knew none of them so they could think what they liked!

As it turns out during the day my gym is full of retired folk (think they do a good deal on oap's) who seem far less judgemental and threatening. I go swimming nearly every day and a few weeks ago actually went into the scary gym bit! I can't manage a lot in there, I'm still the fattest person most have probably ever seen but I do my best. Some weights and a little on the treadmill. It's made a huge difference already. My legs actually have some muscles to haul me around!

It's a hard thing to learn and has taken me years and still often fails me but sometimes the only way I get things done is to think '**** them all, let them think what they like because until they've lived in my body and had experience of my messed up head they can't even begin to understand or in fact hate it more than I do!'

Since I've got to know some of the older ladies who I do an aqua-aerobics class with I've realised they often feel just as on show as I do even though they look 'normal'. People who go to gyms are into being healthy of course and they'd probably rather see us sweating and looking a mess in there than see us in a restaurant stuffing ourselves. :8855:

If you want to go back then do it, sweating is good, means you're working hard and I bet you won't be the only one!
I feel like you OP! I am incredibly unfit and I get so tired after about 2 minutes. As much as I love the gym, I hate going as I feel as though everyone is staring at me.

It is an irrational fear, as I couldn't care less about others in the gym; I'm sure they don't care about me then!

At least you are doing something about it! I've decided to join a class on Tuesday!

So good luck to you!
I agree, no one really cares about what anyone else looks like we are all too worried about what we look like , i know this, but i still think everyone is looking at me. I am too self concious to go swimming as i am not very good and can only swim with my head down not the crawl so i bash into people. I dont think i will ever go again!
i use the wii at home (the biggest looser programme) to do my exercise as i too am really out of shape ! i might only do half an hour a week but to me its still better then nothing and its in my own home.... i hope to join the gym near me but will wait till i am a bit more in shape and have lost some weight and my daughter is in school (although i think they have a creche so i am going to look into if its included in membership or if it costs more! )

i think someone should open a fat peoples gym ! no skinny people aloud !! :D



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MummyClaire - what a good concept, you'd probably make a killing with that idea. I know I'd join up.

Lovely_Laura - what an inspiring post, thank you for sharing. You're doing so well on your journey, long may you prosper :)

Well I wasn't going to to the exercise class today but my boyfriend's mum has said she'll come with me so we'll stand at the back and I'll do it at my own pace.


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Don't over think it. NO ONE will look at you, honestly. And the way I look at it is if I don't leave gym/class without soaking wet clothes, I've not had my money's worth!

I went back to the gym just recenlty after not being for AGES & I decided not to push myself too much, but noticed that the people around me were hotter and sweatier, and when I took crafty peeks at the settings on their equipment, *I* was working FAR harder!

You can't judge a book by it's cover. And remember, some of those slim gym bunnies are ONLY slim gym bunnies because they watch what they eat and take regular exercise - no different to us. And some were maybe even bigger than us to begin with. Don't fall into the trap of judging them, just because you think they're judging you - we're all there with the same aim :)

Most of all - GO FOR IT and ENJOY!!!


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Ah, I feel you sister!

When I lived in England I walked tons--I'd walk into town at least three or four times a week (a six mile round trip) and that kept me on top of my weight. Since moving here, walking is impossible. I know that sounds utterly ridiculous, but it seriously is. There are no pavements most of the time, and the cars fly by at frightening speeds--I really would be risking my life to try to walk anywhere. It really frustrates me. Right now, though, the main problem is the heat. This morning it was 80 degrees by 7am, and humid too. It's hard to get motivated to exercise when just stepping out of doors has you sweating. I'm trying to find a Zumba class that I can go to, or a swimming pool, but again, over here I've found a real lack of drop-in classes or public pools. Everywhere I've found has a monthly fee, usually in the region of $60, just for the privilege of setting foot on the premises. Classes are extra. It's enormously frustrating. I bought myself a pedometer a few weeks ago which just proves what a lazy madam I am. I wear it every day and don't do nearly as much activity as I should, which I'm quite embarrassed about to be honest. But I'm determined not to be beaten...

Sorry, I appear to have hijacked your thread... *blushing smiley*
MummyClaire - what a good concept, you'd probably make a killing with that idea. I know I'd join up.
i wondered what i should do for work when my daughter started school :)

also membership should be optional, if someone wants to pop in once a month and just pay a small fee they should be aloud ! ... and not have to commit to a year for a small fortune all in one payment!

I used to worry that people would stare at me in the gym but I joined one 6 weeks ago and I can honestly say I've never noticed anyone stare at me! I get sweaty and red, so does everyone.

I find that when I am on the machines I am either far too busy daydreaming/watching the tv/singing along in my head to my ipod/watching the people run the gauntlet of going the wrong way through the 'no exit' sign in car park, to notice what other people are doing or look like! lol.

...although I have recently noticed the cute guy who goes same time as me and does weights! ;)

Anyway, give it a go, you might enjoy it. I never thought I'd like the gym, but I now find myself planning my week around when I can go and I get such a buzz from my small workout.

When I first went to the gym I could only do about 15 minutes, because I had been very ill, but the more I went the more I could do, and soon worked up to an hour.

If you start by doing something for just a short while, you can build up the time gradually. Walking is good for this, because you can start and stop when you want. Walk fast enough so that you get a bit out of breath, but could still hold a conversation, then you can slow down, or stop for a while, then carry on. The timings would be totally up to you, and there is no cost involved.

If you go to the gym, you will find that people are very helpful and if you explain your situation to the instructors I am sure they will be very keen to give you all the support you need.
Hiya :), it's best not to dive in head first with exercise, you should aim to start from the bottom and work up.. gentle exercise such as walking and swimming which you can build upon for example start at a 5 min walk and end up doing 30 or with swimming 5 lengths and then end up doing 15 lengths or something :)

I do Your Shape on the Wii for 30 minutes everyday, I burn between 400 - 500 calories doing my intensive workouts - admittedly I wasn't always like this :) I was a bit lazy at the beginning of my SW journey.. I started off doing EA Sports Active then progressed Wii Fit, walking and swimming, now I do Your Shape and walking as I can't afford to go swimming but never mind - am getting my feminine six pack lol


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I got back on my Wii today. The Biggest Loser on easy. The warm up did exactly that, and then the 23 min full body workout had me sweating buckets! and very out of puff! The cool down was good tho!
Flicking thru some of the tips it said to imagine that your sweat was fat burning off! Now that I can live with! (My thighs are tightening up as I type this!)


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I'm dreading the exercise too - having been on crutches for the last 6 weeks I'm totally out of any routine.

I'm looking forward to simply walking again, and will take it from there. I know the gym isn't for me (past trauma there lol) but I would like to swim as my ex husband is a swimmer and I'd really love to slink into the pool one day, slim, fit, toned........and leave him in my wake lol :8855:
(Ummmn............ is revenge a good motivation for exercise??!!!!)
xx :D

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