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I seriously thought something.....

was happening last night!

I woke up with a bit of heartburn, but was wide awake and I just felt so 'funny' all over (great description I know! lol), a bit tinglingly and shaky. Then came the hour on the toilet with shocking diarrhea! I felt so sick at one point I didn't whether to sit on the loo or stick my head down it!!! hahaha

when I did get back into bed I thought that I may be getting some light cramps down the front.

But hay hoo it was probably just a bad tummy lol.............But I can only wish that something was going to happen!
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you might find something does happens within a few days, diarrhea is the bodys natural way of clearing out the system to prepare for the birth.

Hope all goes well
How are you now? Any niggles etc, hope all is well.

Nothing has happened since except I feel a few tightenings now and again, I say tightenings because they don't feel like bh.

But some bad news, mw app yesterday, baby is head down now, but I was measuring 41 weeks on the fundal hight, so she booked me in for a growth scan that day, so went off yesterday for it and baby is big, she is weighting in at a whooping 7lbs 13oz (plus or minus a pound...so she could be 8lbs 13oz!!!) already and i'm carrying a lot more than the average amount of water. And as i was told by the dr that delivered dd1 that she was far to big for my pelvis and i would never have delivered her by myself( she was 7lbs 10), now i'm thinking of a planned section where i know baby will be delivered safely, and i will be awake enough to remember it, because i don't want to go through labor and not get to push again!

I am gutted but i have to do the right thing, and it's not worth baby getting stuck for something.
ohh and she is also back to back! whoo hoo...... not!!! lol

so here is hoping that she may want out this weekend, think i may take some black cohosh and epo up my foof!!!! I'm desperate!

And then I will try for vbac, but after this weekend she can come by section.
Its really been one thing after another for you :( But I think you are making a wise decision, hopefully she will arrive this weekend and then if not a planned c section will be much better than another emergency one. My DD was back to back and she was the most 'difficult ' to deliver, there are some positions to encourage her out of this position if you are able to do them:confused: Try this link
Getting your baby into position for birth
Take care, Jo
Good luck ilovelife, I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy x

I know jo!!! I'm kind of hoping i'm done with all the surprises now!

Thanks for the link i will take a look now x

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
oh poor you mummytummy , i hope things go youre way, but whatever happens as long as babies safe and well thats the important thing he.
Thanks guys.

I'm surprised by how relaxed I am that i'm probably going to have another c-section. Like my husband said, at least I will be more awake and can still have some of the things in my birth plan.

I tried the black cohosh last night (not going to bother again) I took 30 drops every 45 mins for about 5 hours, I felt very campy and sore and thought I was beginning to experience 'something', went off to bed at 11ish and woke up and it's all gone. Never mind huh.

Anyway she will most likely be hear in two weeks by planned section.

I'm off to look at some birth plans for that just to see what is available to me that i haven't thought of.

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