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I smell!


is loving the soup?!
well before my shower this morning I smelled pretty rank but I'm all fresh now. Perhaps you're just too aware of the manky mouth we get. I know I am. Actually come to think of it, I was ranker than normal earlier.


Woman! ;)


is loving the soup?!
aaargh sorry *runs* (from the smell)
God I didnt know it was that bad! lol -maybe I'll just spray some more deodorant here.

Seriously though, I hadn't noticed. But I've been lavishing myself with lovely smelling body butters -maybe you should try it to take away your paranoia (which I'm sure thats all it is -I'm sure you dont actually smell lol)
I think i got a bit more stinky on LT and I ended up having like 3 showers a day and it wasnt just keto breath i kinda stank all over specially if i did any exercise it was about weeks 1& 2
it does pass i had a couple of weeks of it where i was perma spraying deodrant, perfume, running off to the loo at work for a wash i think they thought i had developed an OCD for spraying stuff at work lol


is loving the soup?!
I am glad to hear it passes! Thanks Gene Genie xxx


Silver Member
I'm also paranoid about smells (my own that is)
I think I smell better than before I started LT.
I used to have awful hot flushes, up to 20 a day, and slept on top of our duvet, with just a lttle blanky over me, as I was so hot all night.
Since going on LT, I'm cold all the time (like everyone else) and the combination of being over 3 stone lighter and hardly any of the dreaded flushes, means that I feel fresher and cleaner (thank God)
I'm sure it'll pass for you and may just be part of the de-tox process.
A good excuse to treat yourself to some lovely perfume!!
I am like this too, but I think its just because I am paranoid because of my bad breath !

Its worth it though !
I dont think I smell, in fact, I sweat less now!

My breath however, could kill at 10 paces....lol!
i have noticed an odour i must admit - and not just my breath - thank goodness it's not just me!

Having said that, my hot flushes have subsided (i'm only 39 but i'm fat!) but the BO definitely lingers - having said that, no-one else seems to notice - mind you, they're probably all knocked unconcious by my minging breath so the BO hardly registers!!!
Sorry to say this Rachel but I'm glad you posted this! I thought it was just me!!! I'm neurotic about BO smells and it's the first thing I will notice about a person and do all I can to make sure I don't smell anything but nice. With feeling cold and weighing less I thought there was no way I'd have this problem but I definitely notice something! No-one else has so I thought it was me imagining things - I guess not!!!! Oh well, must be time for my yearly bath!!!! Lol!!! (I do shower several times a day just rarely find the time for a long relaxing bath!!!!)

yes yes ,, but i think its the fat melting away lol

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