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i so want to get married!!

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Just wanted to vent ad can't speak to friends about it as they will laugh or spread roumors about it..

I been watchin for last few weeks "four weddings" on living. I am 24 and have a 4 yr old. I was engaged to his dad but we broke up august of 2009.... In march 2010 I met back up with a guy I fell for time and time again when we were from 16-18 but we both went through stages of finding there are "plenty fish in the sea" and lost touch and we are now an official item and not tarts anymore since both bein in previous rocky relationships which lasted 3-4 years. Both resulting in a child and ending horrid with our ex cheating on us.

We been together since April officialy and been living together since sept and I have never been so happy!!! We have same interests and wishes and likes and I love every moment with him. His son doesn't live with us but he adores him and wishes he could have him permanently. He also is fantastic with my son, especialy as his dad doesn't see him as I live Birmingham and he lives Essex. My partner is always there to dry his tears and give him cuddles. We are going to try for a baby in September.

I really wanna get married lol and wondering if I will look a plonka if I ask him. :/

Hmmmmsss just keep pondering the idea.... I kno I have never felt like this about anyone... And in my heart and head I just want him
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It's valentines soon. Ask him. Bring it up. If you are that close, and it's something you really want then bring it out in the open and discuss, even if you don't make a grand gesture of asking. It does seem very soon to me though.


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I don't think you will look a plonka asking, I know lots of females who have asked their partner. But, he may not like you asking, though. My ex always said that if I ever asked him, he would be devastated, as it's the man's job, apparently, and some guys would feel kinda emasculated. Why not drop really strong hints. If you have an open, honest relationship with him, then you could both discuss it, and see what happens.

I too was a nightmare when watching Four Weddings! :)
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Some may day it's too soon but doesn't feel it if u kno what I mean? Was engaged for 3 yrs to my ex and knew it would never end up with us married... I don't feel u can put a time on when is the vest time or too soon or too late? If it feels right it feels right? Might just be me lol

I think he would be the same if I asked as it's a mans thing. We have spoke about it. He does want to get married one day. I just have to wait. I have said I'm not waitin around for him to ask lol that if 5yrs go by and nothin I'm gone as I'm not wastin my time on blokes lol poor bloke really! I have had such a crap time with ex's that he won't have chances.

Maybe no more tv for me lol


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Aye, I agree with the 'too soon' thing, it's all down to the couple, really. But don't go piling too much pressure on him, you don't want to seem like a Bridezilla *before* you even have a ring :) My new partner was talking marriage the other day....been seeing each other 2 months, so I quickly put him in his place over that little idea! :D

Focus on enjoying the great relationship you have, and before you know it, he may have popped the question :)

And yeah.....avoid Four Weddings....and the Wedding channel!


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You know him better than anyone, life is far too short!
Do what YOU think is right, whether that be strong hints or 'doing the deed yourself?!'
Good Luck!

I've been with my partner for 9 years this year we have two children and im still waiting!!!! he knows how badly i want to be engaged let a lone married i'm hoping the wait is worth it! ;)
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Bridezilla lol hahahahaha


I'm not pressuring him bout it we enjoying being us at the moment it's just in my head lol think I'm impatient! I don't like waiting for things lol

Lol bridezilla
Just remember that getting married isn't just about the big day, it's about the promises you make to each other.

It's sometimes very easy to get distracted with the fun of organising a big day, but really it's just a tiny part of being married.

Of course you could always sit tight and wait for him, if he's planning on starting a family with you then marriage can't be that far off in his mind. Good luck if you do ask him.


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I got with my (now husband) in the March, he propsed in the August, we got married 2007 and have been together 6 years and are still happier than ever, it can work and only you and him will know if its right or not no one else can tell you what you feel. Go for it!! and good luck :)
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This is where it's funny. Afternus talking bout gettin married etc. I said I don't mind one of those package things go abroad n get married just me n him. As the day doesn't bother me so long as I'm his.

He however wants a church wedding with a Capri as our wedding car and for me to have the perfect dress engraved rings and a nice venue for party and hotel with honeymoon suit and to go on honeymoon somewhere nice!!!!

All I say to him is..... And the money will
Come from where lol bless him though that he wants all that and wants to be involved with planning. Just obv not the dress.

However we are hoping before trying for a baby to go to Rome this year just me
And him...
I think it's important to differentiate between commitment and marriage. One is the desire to be with one person, for life, to perhaps have children with that person, buy a home, do things to show they are committed to that relationship together.

Marriage is another part of commitment, perhaps a legal display, or religious aspect, of the commitment, a potentially expensive celebration, (note I said potentially, it certainly doesnt have to be!), a public show of the commitment you already share.

For DH and I, the wedding was not so important as the marriage - yes, we had a lovely day, yes we shared with our friends and family, no, we didn't spend a lot of money because we didn't have it to spend and didn't want to start married life weighed down with the debt of one days partying, but it was not about the day, it was about the life we wanted to share together and was all the happier because of it.

Do give your man a chance. He has already begun to demonstrate that he is committed to your relationship in other ways and whilst being married can be a part of the commitment he shows, there is no real rush, because he is already showing you that he is commited to you in all the ways that really matter.

There is no timescale for these things. DH and I got engaged after 9 months together and married 2 years later - my SIL and her partner have been together for over 20 years and 3 children later and never felt the need to have the wedding. Neither couple are any less committed to their relationship for the differing circumstances.

If it is important to you both then great, but if it is less important to one of you than the other, then do bear in mind the important stuff is ALREADY in place.


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Rome is a VERY romantic venue, perhaps he has something in mind?

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