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I start on friday!!!


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I am so excited!!! I used to do lighterlife but the weekly cost was a bit of a struggle, I've been looking for a Lower cost alternative, spoke to the chemist this morning and I start Friday, should then give me the weekend to get into ketosis and sleep off any nasty headaches! One question though, how soon can you start the flapjacks?
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No longer a redhead though!
ha ha I found the flapjacks disgusting! Think you can have a flapjack in place of a shake straightaway but you have to adjust your water consumption to compensate.

If I'm wrong about when you can have FJ's am sure someone will correct me.

Well done in making the choice to start the journey of the new you.

Lisa x


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Lisa that's brill thank you, I'm so excited! At least I've got the weekend to get my body used to it! I've got 8 weeks to drop 2 dress sizes for a bridesmaid dress so the pressure is on but I'm up for it!!
Hey Pearl!!

The FLAPJACK!! OMG.. i dont understand who eats those... they were horrid.. urghhh.. i shudder when i think about em... but on the assumption you like em.. drink an extra 1/2 ltr or so.. and they replace one of your shakes!!

For me.. my tip that i've read from elsewhere.. is the following..

choc flavour + 5-6 ice cubes + 1/2-1 tsp decaf coffee + FibreClear = BLIMMIN NIIIIICE!!!


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Oh fatbrit I'm just trying to swallow the last mouth full absolutely horrific, vile! I find it hard to beleive lipotrim have been in business for this long and still making these repulsive round things! I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to do this diet without something that I can shove in my bag for work! I work out on the road, so not easy taking my blender with me lol! I'll have to figure a way around it, but yes I must agree with you they are rancid!!!
Hey Pearl!!

I took one nibble.. and couldn't eat the rest.. I found Lipotrim is very hard to mix without a blender.. So when i'm on the road.. i pour luke warm water with the powder first.. about 100ml.. and then i give it a good old mix then add ICE COLD water with 1/2tsp of decaf coffee..

I bought this bottle from the USA... im trying to find it on google... if it can be purchased here in UK.. I cant seem to find it.. but i did come across this.. it has great reviews..

MP MAX Blender Bottle from Myprotein


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That looks good!!! Cheap too!! When I did LL I bought a battery coffee frother that was ok I might have to resort to that! Are the soups any good? Because I could take a flask of hot water use coffee frother with soup sachets?


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First time around I couldn't even smell the soup without feeling Ill but this time I have one everyday and actually quite like it.maybe get just a couple and see how you get on but I agree the flapjacks are vile! A mix of gravy browning and cardboard is all I can describe them as :(
I found a great shaker at boots the other day for when on the go. Was only £2 something and it leaves no lumps :) x
How's It Going?

I started Lipotrim two weeks ago, I have good days and bad days. If you don't like the flap jacks take them back and swap them. I just use the shakes, but to give me new flavours I combine them with my allowable drinks. Try combining coffee and sweetner with the vanilla or chocolate very nice. Peppermint tea with chocolate makes a nice mint chocolate flavour.

On the road with lipotrim

Hey Pearl,

Just reading some of your posts. I'm on the road Monday to Friday and actually find it easier doing lipotrim away from home.

I just take a shaker with me and a bottle of water.

You can buy a shaker from any health food shop.

I love the shakes!
Ha ha! I LOVE the flapjacks! you can tell how addicted to food I am, I will absolutely eat anything! Its also nice to have something to chew...and by god you REALLY have to chew em! Give them a go, you might like them!
Lol! The one I had this morning was vile! But I'm guessing in a few days I'll be that desperate for food I might enjoy! I'm hoping my taste buds might change a bit too!
lol... i think cardboard tastes better than the flapjacks.. ive not tried the soups but i guess it wouldnt hurt to give it a go.. i prefer the shakes.. you would think the guys at lipotrim.. would read these forums and says guys lets reformulate the flapjacks so they are eadible.. lazy so and so's!!!

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