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I think i have hit a plateau!


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stupidly i weigh myself every day and usually i drop 400 - 600 ounces a day, sometimes up to 1.5 pounds a day.

the last couple of days the scales have stayed the same! its a bit hard to get used to, and i am drinking loads of water and doing all the right things so do you think it's one of those plateaus where your body goes ''right, let me take a bit of a breather for a few days!'' ??

not TOTM so don't know what the problem is!!
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I'm having the same thing too. sclaes haven't moved since last fri, weigh in is on tues and i think it will have moved by then, if not it will be a massive loss the week after.

it will come off on a diet of less than 500 cals a day it can't not do x


Hi its me again
step away from those scales

I know it is so tempting but your weight will fuluctate throughout the day due to your water consumption etc. Jumping on the scales every single day can make you disheartened if they dont move. If you cant stop, reside yourself to doing it every otherday and then you will have a nice surprise.:D


can see the end in sight!
I know right! Ridiculous! My bf has hidden the scales so will have to wait till Wednesday.

Purple Hugs

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I wish I had £1.00 for every post I've seen where someone doesn't lose on their scales at home and then loses a reasonable amount at their official weigh in...:D
Uh-huh!! :)

I was only 2lb down this week on my home scales.. it dragged it's feet after day one post weigh in with CDC.. then lost 1lb day before CDC weigh in and the morning of the CDC.. it was back to 2lb loss.. Went to see CDC at 6pm... and registered a loss of 4lb!! :D

As said already you can't not lose weight if you stick to the plan.. be strong.. and have faith! ((hugs))

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