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I think I have lost faith


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Okay.. So this could be me just frustrated that my losses are slow or that I really have lost faith. I have not met... Except the few on here any people that have lost masses of weight and been able to keep it off. I am starting to question things in the slimming world plan that I Didn't before.. Like healthy extras and the whole 'flexisynning' thing, I think this is where it has all stemmed from tbh!

I have lost 7lbs in 6 weeks.. I know you are gonna jump in and go that's good... Well the last time I joined admittedly I was 20 stone and now I'm 18 I had lost over a stone in 6 weeks.. I am demoralised as I have stuck to plan, been doing green so I didn't have to eat so much fruit and veg as it flares up my ibs.. But it is slow.. I don't see how the justification of things that are classed as 'free' like pasta n sauce and mullerlights are high in things such as calories but slimming world states they a free and says with the new member talk 'eat as much as you like' (doing this for over a year has shown me that's not a good idea and I haven't)

It is just hard.. I'm tempted by going over to weight watchers but it is just a lot f money, more than sw and you have to pay extra for online services and kit..

I don't mean for such a huge rant I just wanted to know if anyone else felt the same or is it that I'm just demoralised? Either way I have given myself holiday tomorrow so I can get my head back in the game.. Am I being stupid?
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Not being stupid, just demoralised. Your losing weight at the recommended rate, ie 1-2lb a week.

You didn't put the weight on in a few weeks so it'll take more than a few weeks for it to come off. Stick with it.

With regard to the "free" food and eat as much as you want needs to have the phrase "until you are satisfied not stuffed!" added to it.

You're doing really well - good luck with the plan.


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Firstly well done on your loss so far. Speaking from my experience it was the fact that the free foods were available in the beginning when I 'needed' that bit more to satisfy my appetite that kept me on track but still having the structure of SW to guide me through my choices. The one thing that did take time was learning to recognise when I was full which admittedly was difficult having always had it drummed into you when you were a child that you had to clear youre plate. When I was able to recognise this I noticed my appetite naturally decreasing but it was always reassuring to know that if I was hungry later that there was this 'free food' safety net & that I could make a free food snack which was much better than the bag of crisps or bar of chocolate that I might have chosen as the alternative.

As a busy mum of 3 children under 5 I am not afraid to admit how thankful I am that pasta & sauce (at least the variety I like anyway) are considered free on those days were time is very limited & preparing somethin from scratch wasnt an option. Again if it were not for SW what would the alternative have been?? A chippy possibly??

I have questioned the flexi synning myself along the way wondering how can you flexi syn & still lose weight. My interpretation is that if you have an occassion that you are going to flexi syn which we all will at some point as life continues on then although that week you may not lose weight (if you do I would consider it a bonus) you have still stayed in control of your syns & it will be a lot easier getting back on plan the next day without that feeling of guilt.

This is all personal opinion from my experience so far. I was almost 20 stone last summer & its the flexibilty of SW that I think will keep me on track to never be that weight again.


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Little (friendly) bit of tough love coming your way from me I'm afraid, you are losing at the recommended rate of 1-2lbs a week, and are only 7 weeks into what will be a journey, some longer than others, and there will be many ups and downs to come... I have been on SW for 13 months and lost almost 2 stone, and it has been slow, steady, and with lots of blips... but I have never thought of coming off plan or switching, because I know it works... nothing else I have ever tried has, and I have tried it all, believe me.

Success on this plan does take commitment though, and it does mean we have to keep going, even when the losses are slow and we feel like giving up... because it will be so worth it... think of all the reasons why you are doing this... is it a health thing? A lifestyle thing? To be able to wear what you want, like a bikini on the beach, be fitter, run around with the kids? What's your motivation? Identify it, and hold onto that goal every day!!

I know you can do this, you have to be willing to stick with it through these tough patches though, trust the plan!

Hope you have a good week this week xxxxxxxxx


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Firstly well done on your loss :D

If you are doing green and not eating many fruit or veg what are you eating.

Do you have a food diary?

I think the idea of flexi synning is for special occassions its not intended to be a weekly thing.

There are a few people on here succesfully losing weight on green as are you. Stick with it.

Do you do green because you are a vegetarian if not try a red day/week that way you can portion control your carbs.

I don't eat mullerlights or pasta in sauces and if I did I would be only eating them on a limited basis.

Remember if you look at it calorie wise if you have a pasta n sauce its say about 550 calories if you eat it as a meal then its not to bad. Its probably just best not to have them as a snack. So for that reason I see why they are free.
Hi StacieG. I feel for you on this. Its so difficult when you start to struggle and the littlest things can get you down. I really struggled a few months back (fairly soon after I started SW) and was questioning all sorts of things about the plan. I then came to the conclusion that even if I didn't lose loads and loads of weight on SW, I would still be eating a more healthy diet - and this realisation has got me through when I've had a maintain or gain. Maybe try WW for a while and see how you go? I know they try and tell us that SW works for everyone, and I'm sure it does, but maybe WW would work better for you? If you try it and it doesn't then no harm done, just come back to us!!


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Hi there

I have been on this SW malarky for what seems like forever too - and recently i platuead (sp) and nearly gave up.

If it hadnt been for the sound and helpful and positive advice on here i think i would have.....or looked at alternative solutions (quick fixes etc)

I then took a 'pound a week' view on things - where i dont put the pressure on myself, and aim to lose each week - a single pound. This happy loss level was something that i found worked well, i have lots of social events and sometimes its super hard being on track without feeling like you are missing out.

I think you need to look short AND long term at where you want to be (weight wise) and then its a little scary, but a little secure - in that you WILL get there - and you know you will.

I wish you all the luck in the world, as i know how hard it is.

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You're being too hard on yourself & seem to want immediate results. That doesn't happen with SW.

SW does work, however, you need to remember it's a long term plan, something you will follow for the rest of your life. And as time goes on you will find it fits in better with your lifestyle that maybe it does now.

Those people who lose on SW then gain, don't gain because they have stuck to SW it's because they haven't.

What are your alternatives, WW, will you be happy if you are constantly hungry, weighing things etc? If so then give it a try.

Or you could do nothing & come back here in a few months having gained the 7lb+ you've lost.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Try & eat more fruit & veg; veg can be pureed & added into mash, spag bol, chilli, shepherds pie etc.

For more inspiration look at the before & after photos & take a good luck at peoples stats.


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I left here after leaving this message and went into town and parked the car and came back literally 5 mins later to find it clamped!! Shout and screamed and still had to pay £125 to get it taken off :( I have read your messages and I understand what you are saying I know the plans inside out, in m old group if anyone asked a question they would come to me or the consultant would ask me!..

I am just emotionally a complete mess and I have got myself into a routine of jacket potatoes and quiche and Guess its just dragging me down. My mum did it with me last time which made it easier but this time she is half hearted and just doesn't seem all the willing and that just makes me feel a bit crap as I used to cook meals to impress here but of late whatever I have suggested like (tonight chicken Satay) she doesn't fancy it..
Just I have to do a separate meal for my dad, my daughter and now its like my mum too. I know you will say there is no reason why my dad won't eat the same, he doesn't eat pasta, rice or fish he is a meat and two veg man.

Ahhhh! Being like one of these people that pee me off going well I cant do this and I can't do that.. The truth is it is so much harder this time round and I have really lost my mojo with it all. It could be the group.. Because it is so big 75members log in half stay we don't get time to chat and discuss and when it comes to me I get like 1 min.

Gonna shut up now :(


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S: 20st3.5lb C: 18st6lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 1st11.5lb(8.99%)
Not with the same consultant (she is much loved and the area manager) and the old group I went to has grown significantly too :( I'm not sure without asking really!... I think that is probably my next option before giving up. I think I just don't feel like I have any "friends" as such in that group and that is hard I think
I think you really need the 'group' support side of things again - and perhaps driving to a nicer group could be your next plan of action.

Have a look online - there are always details of your local groups on there, perhaps give the C a call and find out the general size of the classes.

Best of luck honey xxx
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Ellebear, I would totally agree with your post. Stacie please dont give up, you have come too far. I only lose about 1lb a week, but look at the alternatives, keep going, keep going, I know its hard and we all have blips now and then, but look to the future, one step at a time! We are all here to support each other!
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What about even joining one of the challenges on here, the April one is just about to start-theres no pressure to lose masses, just set your own target. Maybe an online buddy or something new like that might spur you on if you cant get to a new group.

Check out the thread for those who have stalled in case there are any suggestions there that might help you too. But at the end of the day you are still losing and at the recommended rate so chin up!


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Hi Stacey

I too am a slow loser and do mostly green, in the last year and a half i have only lost 1st 10lbs (to be fair there was an all inclusive holiday that added on 11lbs eek). I think starting a food diary might help you. You get to show off your culinary skills and get helpful hints from all the members. I do think people struggle to get variety on the green plan and maybe you will get the support you need by helping others who are doing green too. I think you are doing really well and it always helps me to think about how much 7lbs in weight actually is.

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