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I think I messed up today - can you help?


Better drink that water!
I havent decided. Maybe thats the problem. Perhaps you guys can tell me whats best so that I can eat now cos Im starving. :)


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I think you should go green

Breakfast: Banana

Mid morn snack: tesco value cookie 3 syns

Lunch: Cous cous with baked beans, VLF cott. cheese, beetroot, lettuce.

Mid aft snack: miniture tesco choc chip muffin x1 5.5 syns

Tea/Dinner: Vixx's pizza base (2HEb) with passata, 1 x lean bacon rasher (2 syns), peppers and sweetcorn with mozzerella (HEA) (my scales are broken but I would guess it was about 28g based on what 28g chedder looks like) and a tiny bit of mature cheddar (6 syns per 28g).

Pudding: Raisins (4 syns per 28g)

I think you really need to plan your day because you're really putting yourself at a disadvantage if you eat things without measuring/weighing them and without knowing their syn value

You've probably already gone over your syn allowance for the day. Go green and have some pasta or rice with a vegetable/pulse based sauce eg bean chilli, vegetable curry, pasta and tomato sauce.

Edit -- sorry just realised you've already had your dinner so what about a mugshot or some SW rice pudding?
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Whatever plan you're on, how about a highlights hot choc ;) x


Better drink that water!
I think I'll go for Rice pud. I feel so gutted that I havent been organised enough. I'm sick of being large and not eating like I so desperately want to. I cant seem to do it. I just get hungry and Im lame at keeping track an dbeing organised. I dont really et time/am crap at organising cos of the little ones. :(
Why not take the next couple of days to plan for three days time and beyond (does that make sense ? Just take the pressure off right now and be ready for when you have planned). It does take a bit of time to think about what you fancy and what you need to shop for, but its worth taking the time to do it as this is the key to making the plan work for you. It is hard work but it will pay off, good luck x


I want to be fitter again
Hve a look through your books to see what you can have. if you fancy more green things have your pasta or cook some pudding rice with water and add yogurt to it. Throw sowm potatoe wedges in the oven, have some baked beans with an egg on top. Or an omlette. it's hard without knowing what's in your cupboard.


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Darn - just typed a long reply and it got sucked into the ether :badmood:

:hug99: Don't be so hard on yourself!

There's absolutely no need to feel hungry on SW. And being organised doesn't have to take a lot of time. Actually it's probably save you time because instead of um-ing and ah-ing about what to eat, you'd know exactly where you are and what your 're going to do. This would leave you more time to concentrate on the little ones.

What do you enjoy eating? We can probably help you come up with SW friendly versions or alternatives.

As for the rice pudding - put half a mug of short grain rice (pudidng/risotto) in a pan with a pint of water or a mix of water/milk if you have some left from your HEA, and 4-5 tbsp sweetener. Bring it to the boil and simmer for 20-25 minutes until most of the liquid has absorbed. Stir in a syn free yoghurt of your choice.
Fill up on free foods! I have lost 4 stone and 6 lbs so far thanks to slimming world.
No matter which day you choose to have there are always loads on syn free foods for you to eat. Beans, pasta, rice, tomatoes, mushy peas, mug shots (1% fat ones are free others are synned), pasta and sauce made up with water are only a few of the things you can eat as much as you like until you are not hungry on a green day. One thing I have to add is as hard as it is try to drink plenty of water as this helps. Sometimes you could think you are hungry because your body can easily confuse thirst for hunger.


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And actually, looking at what you've had today, it was your snacks where you went wrong. If you'd just given that a bit more thought instead of reaching for the biccies and muffins you would have been fine ;)


Better drink that water!
I was out, thats why! :) Need to learn to say No, I normally do say no but today I felt like cr*p its * week here.

Thanks for all your kind words. I am planning on making a strict meal plan for next week. we're out for lunch tomorrow so i have no idea what we're having.....

we'll see.
Hi my lovely don't be so hard on yourself. I am exactly the same and fail miserably when i don't plan. What is the motto?? No one plans to fail, you just fail to plan. Planning is the key. What I have to do on a daily basis, is think about what I have in the cupboards and set out a meal plan and decide what is best for the meals I choose. If i don't plan my meals, then I just wait til i am starving, make something quick and then I'm hungry again and then it all goes to pot.

It's not over yet and if you feel bad about your food today, tomorrow is another day. We're all here to help you because we can honestly say we're in the same boat.

Chin up :) xx
hi.. been reading through the last messages.. and i have 39lbs to lose.. but im taking one day at a time.. yes its real hard.. but i swear by filling up on free food..! eggs..fruit.. fat free yougurts.. and u can have 2 light alpen bars for an healthy extra.! ive eaten loads this week.. was my first weigh in also and ive lost more then what i ever thought i could.. just dont beat urself up on one bad day. i love options hot chocolate also only 2 syns.. i tend to stick to red days as i love my meat..! i swear by filling up on free food it will work for u.! if u need any help then let me know.. im only to happy to help u.. all the best.. lushx
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What the others have said is so true - planning is the key. I plan for the week ahead on a Friday, then shop on Saturday morning and only buy what I'll need for that week. If I'm out and about, I pop a banana, apple or satsuma in my bag incase I get the munchies so I can avoid those unplanned syns.

You do need to be disciplined so that you can say 'no' if needs be, but don't deny yourself of treats - just be more aware of the syn values.

I have eaten so much since starting SW, so there's really no need to go hungry if you're eating lots of free foods :D

Forget about today and start afresh tomorrow - good luck!!

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